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Credit Controller - Permanent

Apply REF: ITO000936

Department Description

ITO 3C is a dedicated Operating Line within CIB ITO (Financing Solution). Its function is to monitor, control and report on the risks taken by CIB on Corporates, independent from the business lines, applied on the entire Front to Back Credit Chain – from Front Office support to ITO Servicing.

ITO 3C - Mission

To perform  credit control independent from the business lines for the corporates portfolio in line with the global core missions and direction of ITO COO to ensure:

  • Guarantee the conformity of the authorisations & collaterals/guarantees put in place with the credit decisions made
  • Ensure the management and integrity of risk data input into Risk systems used in the control and reporting of credit/counterparty risk
  • Guarantee that credit/counterparty risks taken by the Bank are monitored correctly
  • Contribute to or provide appropriate risk reporting information as required by Business, Risk and Bank Management (for those reporting unavailable in global systems)
  • Mandate on Financial Institutions and Banks is  restricted to Financing Lines
  • Global Market Line excess monitoring related to Corporate is managed/controlled by Risk 

Important to note that ITO 3C is responsible to define standard control framework and make sure that those controls are performed all along the credit chain but all entity/department in this chain are fully responsible of their processes and organization – ITO 3C acting there only as contributor


Key Responsibilities

  • Act as the main point of contact for ITO 3C within the Risk Corporate scope
  • Ensure timely and accurate update of risk data after credit decisions

  • Documentation control to ensure that terms & conditions of Facility Documents conform to credit decision and legal requirement

  • Validate fulfilment of conditions precedent, control limit availability in systems (Atlas II and CAT) in conformity to credit decisions and documentations, follow up on condition subsequent, documents/temporary waiver

  • Validate the framework of required covenants in the ‘Covenant Manager’ tool, against executed credit agreements

  • To certify/validate the risk data integrity in risk systems, Atlas II, CAT, RGM and CRF and provision in MIRO in conformity with credit decision and of risk data related to Guarantors and guarantee records

  • Monitoring of genuine excess or exceptions for both financing métiers products and for capital market products for corporates (based on control result of the Risk I2S team

  • Monitoring of genuine excess or exceptions for financing lines to Bank/FI (GTS exposures excluded from this scope)

  • To regularly report and monitor any anomalies in legal documentation, collateral shortfall, late annual review overdue or breached covenants, underwriting, put option expiry, watchlist and doubtful assets

  • To alert Risk Corporate, Business Head and Management on any indication of drift of risk profile during the control missions

  • Contribute to successful delivery of systems and control reports enhancement with adequate UATs

  • Contribute to the reporting of all incidents according to the Incident Management System and direct contribution to BNPP operational  permanent control framework

  • Promote and contribute to the implementation of a common culture and approach within ITO 3C, and promote individual initiative, autonomy and versatility

Technical and Behavioral Competencies

  • Experience in the banking/finance sector necessary
    • Good understanding of Financial product
    • Good understanding of risk concepts and methodologies
    • Knowledge of credit processes
    • Good understanding  of transaction workflows, booking concept and booking system
    • Being familiar with local regulations
  • Commitment to the role and capacity to meticulously implement the ITO 3C Mission Statement

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

    • Written and oral fluency in English and local language is necessary

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Good time-management skills

  • Autonomy and capacity to take initiative

  • Capacity to remain objective and independent in order to fulfil the control role required

Primary Location: AU-NSW-SydneyJob Type: Standard / PermanentJob: RISKSEducation Level: Other Degrees / Certifications / Vocational, Technical or Professional QualificationsExperience Level: Not Indicated Behavioural competency: Decision Making, Attention to detail / rigor, Organizational skills, Proactivity, Ability to share / pass on knowledge, Critical thinking, Communication skills - oral & writtenTransversal competency: Analytical Ability, Ability to understand, explain and support change