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The Client Service Manager is responsible for ensuring overall satisfaction of their assigned client(s) across the full scope of services delivered by BNP Paribas Securities Services locally or globally.

The Client Service Manager pilots the client experience to achieve a desired level of service across the entire organisation. By understanding the client business and service expectations, the Client Service Manager translates this into service delivery requirements for each team responsible for the service delivery. The Client Service Manager ensures that all client touch-points across BNP Paribas Securities Services are optimised by ensuring each contact person understands the big picture of the client, what the client values and how each person’s role in impacts the client experience. The Client Service Manager should guide everyone to look at services from the clients’ point of view and empower everyone involved directly or indirectly with the client to take the actions required to ensure the best possible client experience.

The Client Service Manager also leads service reviews with the client. The aim is for the Client Service Manager to assess the on-going satisfaction of the client with the service delivered, to identify and to oversee actions to ensure continuous improvement of the client satisfaction.

For clients not covered by a Relationship Manager, the Client Services Manager is also responsible for the commercial activities for the client in terms of business development and revenue protection. This includes preparing response to RFPs, Business Acceptance Committees (BAC), pricing, contracts and credit line requests, in addition to KYC recertification, credit line monitoring, legal updates and billing.

The Client Service Manager should be seen as a “champion” of client focus and the optimal client experience leveraging the “Uplifting Service” principles. 

Key Responsibilities

For all clients, Service Management responsibilities:

  • Build client knowledge and trustful relationships
    • Develop a strong contact network across the client organisation
    • Understand the client strategy and requirements to enable BNP Paribas Securities Services to deliver on the promises to meet client needs
    • Manage the operational contact between the client and the operational areas by ensuring a full understanding of the client’s needs and expectations across the organisation and providing clarity for the required actions to serve the client
  • Oversee prompt resolution to clients complaints, and efficient response to requests
    • Document, coordinate and oversee resolution of problems or issues by Client Delivery and affecting the quality of the service delivered and the overall client experience
    • Facilitate across the organisation the resolution of escalated operational issues by establishing and overseeing a formal service governance framework
  • Manage the formal complaints process according to the “Client Complaints Procedure”
  • Monitor the performance of the service delivery and client satisfaction
    • Monitor the service delivery quality delivered (based on operational KPIs) according to the Service Level Agreements
    • Organise regular formal service performance reviews with clients according to strategic priorities and client needs, including preparation of the review (agreed agenda) and follow up on agreed action plans. This should be conducted according to global guidelines, including call memos, minutes and issues escalation measures
    • Use issue logs, query database and client feedback to conduct reviews both internally and externally with the client
  • Collect client feedback via service review scorecards, client satisfaction surveys as well as feedback from the various teams in direct contact with the client
  • Engage the IT and Operations local/global teams in the pursuit of service quality delivery and improvement
  • Manage client reviews, due diligence visits and questionnaires
    • Manage client reviews, audits and due diligence questionnaires and visits for existing clients, coordinating the various services and product areas according to strategic priorities and client needs
  • Manage communication to clients
    • Ensure clients receive appropriate market and service information by managing the distribution lists for updates and newsletters
    • Ensure consistent messages are delivered to the client about business recovery incidents in accordance to issued guidelines
    • Foster an aligned service delivery and communication approach to clients across services and product areas
  • Manage SLA modifications with the client
    • Initiate and regularly review Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Service Level Description (SLD) documents (and any other formal agreements referring to service requirements) based on the standard documents issued by Client Delivery
  • Contribute to client related projects
    • Identify and coordinate service modifications in response to changes in the client needs by raising change projects (within existing service scope) via the Client change request process
    • Participate in on boarding project governance managed by the Business Implementation team and act as sponsor if needed
    • Respond to escalation by the client in the case of concerns with major projects, including on boarding
  • Manage third party relationships
    • Ensure proper coordination of relationships with third parties related to the client activity, including third party asset managers, auditors and external middle office service providers
    • Contribute to the client relationship:
    • Refer identified business development opportunities to the Relationship Manager/Sales
    • Contribute to product/service development initiatives
    • Contribute to client strategy meetings with the Relationship Manager
    • Contribute to the development of the BNP Paribas Securities Services brand and market reputation
    • Identify, understand and communicate appropriate key management information / business metrics (based on the global standards) that will facilitate the client relationship

For clients not covered by a Relationship Manager, in addition to the Service Management responsibilities, commercial responsibilities :

  • New business development and business at risk management
    • Lead client relationship locally
    • Protect revenues from related to existing business (without quantitative sales objectives)
    • Coordinate response to client business requests, RFIs and RFPs, including pricing proposals in coordination with Client Lines and Market Specialist
  • Relationship Management duties
    • Carry-out KYC recertification within the prescribed timeframe and continuous vigilance responsibility
    • Support the credit process by providing direct input on the client entity’s activity and ensuring adequate credit lines are in place
    • Follow client revenues by checking first invoice after implementation / repricing and by regularly reviewing revenue reports
    • Lead renegotiation of contracts, including incremental legal provisions, and local agreements Manage repricing requests and provide budget inputs

Qualifications and Experience

Financial industry experience or professional qualifications relating to the financial markets, asset management or securities services, ideally within a client servicing or operational environment

Essential skills

  • Client orientation
    • Extensive experience in a role with a strong client management focus
    • Proven track record of working within a client servicing environment
  • Team and collaborative work
    • Proven track record of working within an financial services operations environment
    • Proven behaviours for effective teamwork and influencing others to work collectively towards a common goal
  • Communication
    • Ability to communicate at all levels in an organization
    • Effective written and oral communication in English
  • Interpersonal skills
    • Ability to foster and maintain strong interpersonal internal and external relationships
    • Competent strategic thinker with the ability to identify and implement solutions
    • Adaptability to changing environments and ability to work under pressure
  • Leadership skills
    • Demonstrate leadership, assertiveness, and define clear deliverables
    • Demonstration of innovative/creative thinking, problem-solving and taking initiative to identify and implement solutions
    • Proven track record of results and quality orientation
    • Demonstrated behaviours of being organised, structured and able to recognise essential elements

Other skills

  • Detailed knowledge of Securities Services products
Primary Location
Job Type
Standard / Permanent
Education Level
Bachelor Degree or equivalent (>= 3 years)
Experience Level
At least 5 years

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