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Apply REF: PROC01

1.      Job description

1.1  Strategic Sourcing

·     Promote the Strategic Sourcing approach by encouraging innovation and partnership approaches and by identifying opportunities for value creation and savings in connection with Group Strategic Sourcing.

·     Participate in the structuring and exploitation of the required data for the elaboration of Sourcing strategies, carry out expenditure analyses on his perimeter and contribute to the identification of optimization, rationalization, mutualization strategies, etc...

·     Ensure that Strategic Sourcing initiatives are integrated into the business budget process.

·     Support mutualization and outsourcing initiatives

1.2 Procurement

Sourcing Process monitoring

·     Operate/supervise procurement activities under its responsibility according to the Procurement standards  

·     Define procurement strategies for the categories delegated and preparing plans for the purchase of equipment, services, and supplies.

·     Meet internal customer objectives in terms of costs, delivery times and quality of service

·     Set savings targets and implement cost reduction plans

·     Reviewing, comparing, analyzing, and approving products and services to be purchased.

·     Maintaining and updating supplier information such as qualifications, delivery times, product ranges, etc.

·     Maintaining good supplier relations and negotiating contracts.

·     Researching and evaluating prospective suppliers.

·     Manage internal customer relations and claims

·     Promote a culture of responsibility and "frugality".


Supplier Relationship Management

·     Promoting the Group's listing policies

·     Ensure relationships with local suppliers

·     Manage and control supplier risk, and, in line with the recommendations of the Group, with close tracking of those susceptible of any potential risk such as Essential Service Providers, high level of expense…etc. 

·     Optimize the portfolio of suppliers within his scope

·     Ensure that GDPR constraints are managed within his perimeter

Monitoring of activities and risks

·     Continuously optimize the efficiency of the operational system and monitor the function's activity indicators within the business line

·     Ensuring that the policies and standards issued by GSS are respected and applied, in particular the solicitation of the various Expert functions (Legal, Compliance, etc.)  

·     Monitor the annual (savings target vision) and multi-annual action plans of the function within his scope

·     Organize and ensure the implementation of the permanent control framework defined by GSS

·     Manage the necessary actions regarding the registration of external staff, as well as monitoring all the related documentation and controls. Act as contributor informing on the relevant issues and recommended measures related on the identified risks to appropriate stakeholders.

CSR engagement

·     Promote the CSR dynamic and corresponding action plans throughout the entire Source To Pay process

·     Participate in the Group's cross-functional CSR programs

·     Contribute to the production of CSR reporting by ensuring the quality and reliability of data

1.3 Source To Pay

·     Implement the Blueprint defined at Group level

·     Define a convergence plan towards the Group's standard tools and/or towards the shared Cost Accounting Operations process and manage its implementation

2.      Transversal Objective

Actively engage the transformation of your scope, in line with the Strategic Sourcing ambition

·     Promote and initiate a Strategic Sourcing approach within your scope in accordance with the approach developed at Group level (buy, share, mutualize or relocate)

·     Define a convergence plan for the Group's Source to Pay framework (organization, processes and systems) and lead its implementation

·     Take an active role in strengthening the governance model (prepare committee meetings, anticipate and enhance shared data reliability, strengthen the links with related functions, foster a Corporate and Social Responsibility dynamics)


·     Coordinate the Sourcing teams for the entities within his scope

·     Ensure the preparation of the Orientation Committees of the business line and/or lead the local Orientation Committees

·     Represent the business line at Sourcing Management Council

Primary Location: ES-MD-MadridJob Type: EstándarJob: PROCUREMENT OR SECURITY OR FACILITIES MANAGEMENTEducation Level: Master Experience Level: Al menos 5 añosSchedule: Tiempo completo Behavioural competency: Capacidad para colaborar/ trabajar en equipo, Capacidad para tomar decisiones, Capacidad de organización, Proactividad, Orientación al cliente, Pensamiento crítico, Capacidad de adaptaciónTransversal competency: Capacidad para gestionar un proyecto, Capacidad de negociación, Capacidad para diseñar y adaptar un procesoReference: PROC01