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Cardif RD Actuarial & Planning: Actuary

Apply REF: FIN002617

About The Organization:

Actuarial and planning department do the following tasks mainly

  • Measures and manages insurance underwriting risk
  • Financial closing (JGAAP/IFRS base) and evaluation and analysis of the results
  • Verification of pricing and profit sharing according to characteristics (taken into account business volume and claims situation)
  • Reinsurance planning and operation

There are 4 members as of the end of August 2021. Reporting line is department head directly.

Our team works in collaboration with other departments in Cardif Japan and outside stakeholders (Cardif Head Office, Financial Services Agency, auditor etc). In particular, we are cooperating with Actuarial and planning department of Cardif Life on some common tasks.


About The Position:

  • Supporting financial closing (JGAAP/IFRS)
  • Reinsurance related operation (Communication with reinsurer)
  • Contribution to overall business profitability studies and underwriting risk monitoring.
  • Maintenance of several tools related to actuarial activity.
  • Support other members of Non-Life actuarial team as a junior actuary.
  • 損保の決算業務(日本基準、IFRS基準)において、責任準備金を計算。そのレポートを作成し、部門長の承認をとるとこまで実施。
  • 再保険関連業務(再保険会社対応)、再保険計算書を作成し部門長の承認をとるとこまで実施。
  • ビジネス全体の収益性と引受保険リスクの検証を実施
  • 新規ビジネス分野や新商品に関して、営業部門と連携し保険料率の設定、リスク量の評価を行う
  • 数理関連の各種ツールの保守
  • アクチュアリーの他のメンバーのサポート ※未経験者の場合は1年後までに上記が1人でできるようになる。

Job Grade : Senior Associate

Minimum Qualification:

  • Above Bachelor Degree. Major in sciences (i.e. Math, Physics, Finance, Actuary)
  • 3+ experience of working experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Having basic mathematical knowledge to learn actuarial skills
  • Having programing experience
  • 理科系学部卒以上(例えば、数学、物理、経済学、アクチュアリー専攻)
  • 3年以上の社会人経験
  • 優れたコミュニケーション能力
  • アクチュアリースキルを学ぶために必要な基礎的な数学知識を持つ(入社後に資格取得をしていただきます)
  • プログラミング言語を使用した経験のある方


Preferred Qualification:

  • Age : 25 – 35 years old
  • English is necessary. It is ok to improve English skills after join even if the skill is not enough now.
  • Self-starter, proactively take actions without waiting for directions
  • Positive thinker with flexible mind-set, getting out of stereotypes
  • Having eagerness to learn business regardless of distinction between Life and Non-Life entities.
  • 年齢25歳から35歳が望ましい。
  • 英語は必須であるが、入社後に英語力を改善する意思があれば可。
  • 指示を待たず自発的・積極的に行動することができる
  • 固定観念に囚われず柔軟な考え方を持ち前向きな姿勢であること
  • 生保・損保の区分に関係なくビジネスを学ぶ意欲を持つこと


Interview Process:

*Interview process may change, and more details will be informed during the process 

  1. CV-Screening
  2. 1st Interview with Head of Non-Life actuarial and planning department
  3. 2nd interview with Head of Life actuarial and planning department
  4. HR Interview
Primary Location: JP-13-ShibuyaJob Type: Standard / PermanentJob: FINANCIAL AND TECHNICAL EXPERTISEEducation Level: Bachelor Degree or equivalent (>= 3 years)Experience Level: Not IndicatedSchedule: Full-time Reference: FIN002617