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Cardif - IT Product Owner, Core Insurance Systems Dept.

Last update 27.05.2024

Hiring Manager:

Head of Core Insurance System Department

Job Title:

IT Product Owner

Job Level:

Managerial Position


Core Insurance System

Report Line:

Head of Core Insurance System Department

Position Purpose

Taking responsibility about making resource plan, system development and maintenance meet with group and department strategy.

Lead system development, production support and team management with all stakeholders.

Proactive communication and building good relationship with including department outside of IT as IT product Owner.

To achieve department goals with strong leadership


Direct Responsibilities

l  Taking responsibility for team management and perform all activities based on segregation of duties.

l  Contribute to achievement department goals with make plan and perform meet with department strategy.

l  Explore best practice constantly without being tied down to existing technology and process.

Contributing Responsibilities

l  Ensuring delivery with high quality, planned schedule, resource management and validated budget.

l  Building the team and employee development meet with department strategy

Business Knowledge

l  Business level of English (Communicate with APAC Data Center, offshore vendor)

l  Fluent level of Japanese (Communicate with native Japanese speaker, understand business requirement description in Japanese)

l  Japanese insurance business knowledge

l  3+ years of experience of managing or leading team and project

Technical Experience / Competencies

l  5+ years of hands-on experience of system development in Finance area(Bank, Insurance etc)

l  Deep knowledge and skill of Web application (Server, OS, MW, SW, DB, programming)

l  Middle level of IT qualifications (Technology, Project Management, ITEE etc)

Behavioral Competencies

l  Embody with leadership in order to resolve team issues and problems

l  Taking responsible to achieve parallel multiple process and tasks by your indication and leadership

l  Make team resource plan and cost management meet with department strategy

l  Improve engagement of the entire team

Specific Qualifications (if required)

Skills Referential

Behavioural Skills:

Creativity & Innovation / Problem solving

Ability to collaborate / Teamwork

Ability to deliver / Results driven

Personal Impact / Ability to influence

Transversal Skills:

Ability to inspire others & generate people's commitment

Ability to develop and adapt a process

Ability to manage a project

Ability to understand, explain and support change

Ability to develop others & improve their skills

Education Level:

Bachelor Degree or equivalent     

Others: (if any)

Additional expectation for your position

・      Share your knowledge and experience to your team members

・      Follow-up on member career development

・      Perform activities as acting head of department when head of department is out of office


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