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BNP Paribas Corporate & Institutional Banking - Global Banking EMEA Graduate Programme Corporate Clients Track – Major Corporate Coverage

Last update 05.02.2024

The Corporate Clients Graduate Programme has been designed as a real booster of your personal and professional development. It is the ideal starting point to start your career in Corporate Finance.

You are hired under a fixed term or permanent contract according to your experience by BNP Paribas CIB (Corporate & Institutional Banking) to join the European Corporate Group (ECG), part of the Corporate Coverage EMEA. You will start your journey with a 12 month rotational path:

- a 2 weeks of induction in Paris

- a first 6 month rotation within Corporate Coverage in the country where you have been recruited

- a second 5 month rotation within a Transaction Banking activity in another country

You will quickly take on responsibilities via this immersive rotational path structured around diversified missions.

Throughout this program, a buddy will facilitate your integration and you will benefit from a dedicated HR support.

Finally, you will join a learning community to share and grow collectively in a co-development approach.

Following your 2 week induction, you will join the Corporate Coverage EMEA teams for a period of 6 months.

Corporate Coverage EMEA (CCEMEA) is the entry point of corporate clients within BNP Paribas, whether mid caps or strategic, advising and offering them all the services and banking products proposed by BNP Paribas on a worldwide basis. CCEMEA defines the Bank’s strategy towards these clients, originating transactions on a standalone basis or in collaboration with all BNP Paribas business lines.

As a Corporate Coverage Graduate, you will support the Corporate Coverage Team in the management and development of the relationships with their clients.

Joining CCEMEA is a unique way to integrate the BNP Paribas world, to discover all the Bank’s capabilities and capacities to support and advise EMEA corporates, while acquiring strong technical and commercial skills which will be key assets for a future evolution within the largest European bank.

You will play a fundamental role within the Corporate Coverage business model by playing a key role on 3 dimensions:

-        Commercial

-        Credit

-        Compliance/KYC & ESG

On the commercial side, you will be part of the Client team and contribute to the development and profitability of the client relationship in connection with the Managing Directors (MDs), Directors (Ds) and Vice Presidents (VPs). As a graduate you will support them in the preparation & follow up of the Strategic Business Review and other actions necessary to ensure a strong commercial dialogue between the Client and the Bank. You will also be in charge of coordinating the subsidiaries of the Multinational Corporations (MNCs).

Regarding the credit analysis, you will be active in the analysis and selection of the bank’s risk exposure, thereby contributing to the sustainability of the business model. Your expertise and objectivity are critical in reaching the right credit decisions. You will be responsible for monitoring the overall risks and credit process of a portfolio of Pilot Groups. You will contribute to the green light process (go/no go for new business) and to the structuration of plain vanilla products / loan book transactions.

As a Corporate Clients Graduate you will be expected to provide a deep dive analysis of the Compliance-Know Your Customer check (KYC) and Environmental & Social Governance (ESG) of your clients, identifying potential risk (amongst which image and reputation for BNPP) when entering into relation and / or providing financing to a client, but also potential commercial development where the Bank can support the ESG transition of its clients. The KYC activity focuses on the more added-value tasks by supporting bankers in steering the KYC Strategy for their client portfolio.

As a Corporate Clients Graduate you will develop high value skills on these three dimensions by covering a large range of topics

After the end of your fist rotation within Corporate Coverage you will join Transaction Banking for your second rotation in another European country.

Indeed, you will benefit of an international exposure by joining one of our EU platform.

Within Transaction Banking, you will have the opportunity to rotate in one of the 3 business departments below:

Trade / Supply Chain Management: a key component of CIB Global Banking division, Global Trade Solutions (GTS) is BNP Paribas’ Trade Finance and Working Capital Solutions franchise. GTS provides a complete range of traditional trade products and services, as well as Supply Chain Management (SCM) and other structured trade solutions. SCM allows Corporate clients to optimise their working capital position, the team is located in Paris and Dublin.

Cash Management: which offers the set of products and services that enables corporate treasurers to control their flows and manage their liquidity, and a set of solutions to manage ingoing and outgoing flows, concentrate cash positions and manage short-term liquidity.

Liquidity & Investment Solution (LIS) which objective is to contribute to Global Banking funding deposit objective through collection of deposits, mainly corporates, whilst optimising revenues.

At the end of the programme you could join back Corporate Coverage EMEA as Analyst

More information about the work environment

ECG & TB are key departments of CIB – Global Banking as they support Corporate clients base in their development, providing strategic advice and transaction banking service. 

You will work within international teams with high standards. 

Your HQ in Milan: Piazza Lina Bo Bardi, 3 – Palazzo Diamante

Skills, competencies, experience and education required to enter the Corporate Clients Graduate Programme

You have a master degree in finance/business and/or economics and/or accounting and you graduated less than 2 years ago.

You have a maximum of 24 months of professional experience (excluding internships, work study programs) from the date of your graduation.

Competencies required

-    Excellent written and verbal communication skills

-    Attention to details with a solid knowledge of financial analysis

-    Team spirit

-    Business apetite with an acute sense of risk, energy

-    Ability to build his/her own opinion on a file and to convince

-    Self-starter spirit with good initiative

-    Perspective and sense of priority and strategy, matching the clients’ and the bank interests

-    Good knowledge of the corporate banking environment

-    Flexibility and eagerness to improve his/her own performance

-    Knowledge of the local language and advanced English

This announcement is addressed to any gender (L. 903/77; Codice Pari Opportunità)

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