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BNP Paribas Cardif - Local Chief Data Officer

Apply REF: ITA000814

Primary Responsibilities

Local Chief Data Officer has the authority on the data governance framework, and endorses the following responsibilities in liaison with the management structure of the covered perimeter:


Set the strategic vision and direction on data to support business strategy

  • Establish the entity data strategy in coordination with the Data Protection Correspondent and the Local Chief Analytics Officer, to comply with regulations and business needs.

  • Communicate the overall objectives on management of data governance.

  • Set up/ensure the implementation of these objectives by structuring the appropriate projects when necessary;

  • Prioritize actions and initiatives (according to materiality) in articulation with the Entity’s “Schemas Directeurs”;

  • Conduct change management in order to promote the culture of accountability on data quality management.

Permanently align with regulatory requirements, HO requirements and Group policies and norms

Define and set up, in his/her identified perimeter, the organization for data governance

  • Roll out the Cardif Data Governance policy on his/her perimeter.

  • Identify key Domains, key Managers and key tools for data governance related to his/her perimeter;

  • Ensure that all actors in his/her perimeter have explicit objectives on data integrity and quality in their mission statements;

  • Organize the chain of sign-off according to the functional organization in his/her perimeter, and its appropriate form according to criticality;

  • Work with IT to ensure that all tools related to his/her perimeter, are managed under the adequate responsibility;

  • Define and organize appropriate committees governance and community in his/her perimeter.

Steer the data quality management framework, in particular by managing effective escalation and remediation process

  • Ensure, in his/her perimeter, effective implementation of guidelines on data quality management issued by Cardif Head Office;

  • Ensure perimeter of data under governance is contextualized to country and constrained by Corporate requirements. Local Chief Data Officer must identify key data and/or data with quality issues in line with business strategy and regulatory constraints at a local level and the ones required by Corporate functions (Solvency II, Personal Data with GDPR, customer data and risk monitoring with PANDA).

  • Ensure standardized approach and methodology for an efficient data quality improvement. Permanently align with business strategy, regulation requirements, HO requirements. Adapt necessary work depending on data’s nature (key data, data with issues, common data):Master & share definitions, data lifecycle, quality controls and known issues & decisions. Ensure transversal data quality monitoring within functions and businesses.

  • Monitor progress of ongoing data integrity and quality initiatives with appropriate data integrity

    and quality dashboards;

  • Sponsor tools dedicated to data quality management;
  • Maintain visibility and alignment on IT projects
  • Manage the governance in the covered perimeter, and integrate the data governance to others

    appropriate instances (Investment committees, Risk…);

  • Coordinate the data quality management community in his/her perimeter;

  • Have a transversal view on each data in his perimeter along its lifecycle

  • Ensure, in his/her perimeter, the broadcast of norms, dictionaries, directives, procedures related

    to Management of data integrity and quality and provided by Group and Cardif HO level;

  • Ensure their effective understanding, appropriation and adaptation of local processes to comply


Report a global vision on data topics for his/her perimeter

  • Periodically report roadmap, maturity, awareness and quality status on his/her perimeter to

    his/her hierarchy, to Cardif CDO and to Cardif Data & Analytics Committee through dashboards

    and analysis.

Promote sharing of systems and processes in the data quality management community to avoid replication

  • Ensure availability of communication and documentation around used tools, platforms, and processes;

  • Relay Group messages impacting data integrity and quality, and promote Group and Cardif HO

best practices.

Articulate with OPC / independent control functions to ensure their framework is adapted

  • Work in interaction with OPC to ensure that their working plan includes adapted controls regarding data integrity and quality matters.

What we expect from you

  • Education: A MS degree is required, a degree in a quantitative discipline will be considered a plus (e.g. Management Engineering, Statistics, etc.)
  • Behavioral skills: teamwork, ability to influence, resilience, results driven, ability to understand, explain and support change, ability to inspire others & generate people's commitment, ability to develop and leverage networks, analytical ability.
  • Technical skills: Required 7 or more years of relevant work experience in insurance companies or insurance/finance related fields or strong experience in data visualization and process analysis
  • Language skills: Fluent English. Preferred French
  • Computer skills Advanced knowledge of MS Office suite

Contract type and Remuneration

The offer will be a full time open ended contract and the relative remuneration will be consistent with the National Banking Contract.

Who we are

At BNP Paribas Cardif, we insure people and what matters to them. In 40 years, we have won the trust of tens of millions of customers around the world by defending an innovative approach, partnership. Historically, we have always worked closely with many professionals, mixing their field of experience and expertise with that of our teams. That’s what enables us to do our job the best way possible in the 36 countries where we operate.

If we can create bonds of such quality, it is thanks to our employees. They are the ones who, everyday, build our reputation as partners. Thanks to their commitment, BNP Paribas Cardif creates a world in which employees, distributors and experts cooperate to shape the insurance solutions of tomorrow. When we were founded in 1973, investing on trust and dialogue was a challenge. But history has proved us right.

Today's world requires a high sense of collaboration. We therefore make sure that our teams, today and tomorrow, have the means to work together.

Because we care about those around us, we encourage an open work environment that celebrates creativity, mobility and connectivity. So we created the Cardif Lab’ for our employees and distributors, our innovation lab that links us to the world of new technologies and the insurance of tomorrow. Because we dare to confront opinions, we multiply interactions between us, but also with external experts. This is the principle behind the Jams, a new kind of workshop that brings together employees and partners to develop innovative products and services. Concerned to maintain strong links with the academic world, we also fund the Chair of Excellence in Management modeling of University Lyon 1. By supporting research and sharing knowledge, we collectively take part in the evolution of our business. Put together, these initiatives tell who we are and ultimately underline what sets us apart. They make us different.


The trust of our customers is closely tied to the faith our employees have in our company, its vision and values. It is why we are committed, for them and all those who wish to join us, because together we are the insurer for a changing world.

In order to better enhance the CV inserted, the application submitted for this announcement could be taken into consideration also for other vacancies, in line with the academic background and professional path achieved so far.

This announcement is addressed to any gender (L. 903/77)
Primary Location: IT-25-MilanoJob Type: Contratto a tempo indeterminatoJob: ORGANIZZAZIONE E BUSINESS ANALYSISEducation Level: Laurea di Secondo LivelloExperience Level: Almeno 7 anniSchedule: Tempo pieno Behavioural competency: Capacità di collaborare/Lavoro di squadra, Impatto/Capacità di influenzare, Resilienza, Spirito critico, Capacità di delivery/Orientamento al risultatoTransversal competency: Capacità di analisi, Capacità di gestire una riunione, un seminario, un comitato, un corso di formazione, ecc., Capacità di sviluppare gli altri e accrescere le loro competenze, Capacità di gestire un progetto