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Associate Level 1 - HIPORT AC (UK)

Apply REF: DA 000028

Job Description – APAC

Job Title:

Associate / Associate Level 1


22 Feb 2019


Data Admin



Business Line / Function:


Reports to:


Asst. Manager / Manager


(if applicable)



Number of Direct Reports:


Directorship / Registration:



Position Purpose

This is an entry level position in Data Admin process, wherein the associate is to setting up security details in Accounting platforms or pricing securities via pricing tool to support the Fund Administration team to calculate the Net Asset Value.


Direct Responsibilities


This team updates the prevailing prices of the securities to enable the fund accountants to ascertain the market value of the securities as a part of fund valuation (NAV/ GAV)

Pricing activity is carried out on different applications for clients across APAC, UK and EMEA regions

Asset creation:

This team is responsible to setup the reference data of various instruments in the respective accounting platforms. Multiple regions such as APAC, EMEA and UK are supported.


Contributing Responsibilities

Client Focus

Complete commitment to provide professional and prompt responses to meet clients’ requirement.



Expressing ideas effectively in individual and group situations. Adjusting communication style to match the needs of the audience.


Expressing ideas clearly in all written documents. Using professional, appropriate language at all times, and adhering to the use of the BNPP Email protocols.


Team Work

Work effectively with team members to accomplish goals, exhibit high-level of respect to colleagues, display integrity in dealing with team members.

Continuous Improvement and Adaptation

Be innovative, embrace changes, and simplify the comprehensive areas without compromising on quality or timeline. Adapt continuous improvement as a culture.

Technical & Behavioral Competencies

¡ Technical (MS office)

¡ Capital Market / Investment Banking (Basics)

¡ In-depth understanding on the system functionalities

¡ Create a collaborative workplace, maintain morality of the team and be a team player

Specific Qualifications (if required)


Skills Referential    

Behavioural Skills: (Please select up to 4 skills)

Ability to collaborate / Teamwork

Organizational skills


Client focused

Transversal Skills: (Please select up to 5 skills)

Ability to understand, explain and support change

Analytical Ability

Ability to set up relevant performance indicators

Ability to develop and leverage networks

Choose an item.

Education Level:

Bachelor Degree or equivalent

Experience Level

At least 1 year

Other/Specific Qualifications (if required)


Primary Location: IN-TN-ChennaiJob Type: Standard / PermanentJob: OPERATION PROCESSINGEducation Level: Bachelor Degree or equivalent (>= 3 years)Experience Level: At least 1 yearSchedule: Full-time Behavioural competency: Ability to share / pass on knowledgeTransversal competency: Ability to develop and adapt a process