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Asset Management - Emerging Market Debt -Financials Credit Analyst

Apply REF: IC 000037


The role holder will serve to enhance and deepen the team’s analysis of and recommendations in Emerging Market corporate bonds in close collaboration, to analyse major corporate and quasi-sovereign constituents in the major EM corporate credit benchmarks as well as new issuers and other issuers as needed; to build and maintain corporate balance sheet and cash flow models based on a data intensive template that generate creditworthiness signals to detect marginal changes in vulnerability, to recommend and take risk in EM corporate debt markets in portfolios, to contribute to overall global EM Fixed Income strategy generally, to contribute to continuing improvements in the investment process, to recommend optimal solutions for the implementation of investment decisions, to implement investment strategy and manage portfolios, to assist client servicing and marketing teams, to acquire and maintain knowledge of evolving trends in the global fixed income business, to accumulate and maintain network and relationships in the corporate issuer community.


  • Research: The role holder will be primarily responsible for corporate credit research and monitoring to complement, broaden and deepen the work of the EM Corporate Portfolio Manager based in London, following and analysing EM corporate debt through a credit analyst’s lens.
  • Alpha Generation: The role holder will be responsible for helping drive the recommendations for investment, generating ideas and contributing to team discussions and decision making.
  • Performance - EMD Investment Strategies:  The role holder will have direct influence on all EMD portfolios by feeding research and recommendations to the EM Corporate Portfolio Manager based in London.   
  • Performance - Non-EMD Investment strategies:  The role holder will help inform corporate level decisions taken by other teams with EMD exposure and can speak knowledgeably and independently on related topics.
  • Investment Process: The role holder will be responsible for the corporate credit investment process and will be expected to contribute to ongoing improvements and refinements to the investment process.
  • Investment Team: The role holder will be expected to contribute to the professional development of the other team members involved in corporate credit risk analysis.
  • Commercial success: The role holder will occasionally be called upon to meet with external parties and represent both the analytical function as well as the team process. 
  • Multiple locations: The successful candidate will need to build strong relationships and communicate effectively with geographically remote colleagues.
  • Continuous Professional Development: to maintain current knowledge and understanding of developments in corporate accounting and issuance.  The position requires regularly attending seminars, conferences, training courses; reading professional publications, periodicals, research and other related literature; and through maintaining other professional contacts.


  • Internal: EMD Team Members especially the Heads of Team and the Corporate Credit PM, AM team members around the world.
  • External: Distribution/Institutional sales capabilities, Clients and prospects, Consultants.


  • Degree in Economics, Accounting, Finance or related discipline.  Strong Maths preparation a plus.
  • Strong quantitative skills as evidenced by application in prior analytical roles.
  • Knowledge of Emerging Market corporate issuers, including prior experience recommending investments in EM corporate issues.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in an Emerging Markets corporate analyst or researcher role.
  • History and evidence of rigorous training in corporate credit risk analysis, including cash flow modelling and balance sheet decomposition.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English language.
  • Fluency in Mandarin a plus.
  • Strong international orientation. Ability to work effectively with colleagues in remote locations.


  • Business Knowledge/Commercial Acumen:
    • In depth knowledge of emerging market corporate issuers.
    • Able to systematize corporate credit accounting models and build/maintain cross-sectional frameworks.
    • Able to analyse corporate risk and distill large datasets into composite views.
    • Acts in full compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations; Company policies and codes of conduct.
  • Leadership Competencies:
    • Creating future value: Thinks and takes decisive action ahead of time to maximise performance and anticipate change.
    • Focus & Resilience: Shows belief in own ability to deliver successfully for the business, combined with a personal commitment to the organisation.        
    • Performance driven: A strong desire to out-perform and continue to out-perform.
  • Interpersonal/Core Competencies:
  • Professionalism – Takes the fiduciary role seriously and serves commendably as an ambassador for the team and for the company.
  • Strong influencing & communication skills with ability to effectively communicate with Heads of Team, team members, Product Heads and Client Portfolio Managers.
  • Maintain positive and productive working relationships, especially with Heads of Team and Sovereign Credit PM, and promote collaborative teamwork.
  • Interpersonal understanding – Treats everyone with dignity, honesty and respect. Shows high level of self-awareness, understands impact of own behaviour on others, and upholds the highest standards of company values/ practice.
  • Demonstrates personal drive and energy to ensure the commercial success of the firm.
  • Ability to quickly understand problems, articulate them and offer solutions.
  • Demonstrates cultural awareness and organizational sensitivity.
Primary Location: HK-Hong Kong (HK)-Hong KongJob Type: Standard / PermanentJob: FINANCIAL AND TECHNICAL EXPERTISEEducation Level: Bachelor Degree or equivalent (>= 3 years)Experience Level: At least 5 yearsSchedule: Full-time Reference: IC 000037