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Anti-Fraud Designated Market Activities Risk Analyst - Vice President

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Last update 03.05.2024

BNP Paribas is a leading bank in Europe with an international reach. It has a presence in 73 countries, with more than 196,000 employees, including around 149,000 in Europe. The Group has key positions in its three main activities: Domestic Markets, International Financial Services (whose retail-banking networks and financial services are covered by Retail Banking & Services) and Corporate & Institutional Banking, which serves two client franchises: corporate clients and institutional investors.

BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking is a globally recognised leader offering capital markets, securities services, financing, treasury and advisory solutions.

Business Area/Dept Overview

 In many respects, banking is the business of managing risks. At BNP Paribas, our well-developed risk management culture is based on a long-term perspective, a committed management, and a strong and independent Risk organisation led by the RISK function. Created at the same time as BNP Paribas, the RISK function is today a global and independent function present in five continents and at the forefront of risk management through best-in-class expertise.

RISK main missions :

·       Advise senior management on the definition of risk policies ;

·       Contribute as a “second pair of eyes” to ensure that risks are aligned with its policies ;

·       Report and alert Bank Management on the status of risks to which the Bank is exposed.

A RISK framework adapted to each Business :

·       Credit risk    

·       Market & counterparty risk

·       Liquidity risk

·       Insurance risk

·       Operational risk

A risk organisation covering all the business lines:

·       Global Equity & Commodity Derivatives ;

·       Global Macro (G10 Rates, FXLM, Global Repo), Credit Derivatives

·       GMAT, Tech Platforms (e-Trading)

·       XVA

·       ALM-T

 Fraud, whether internal or external, is an operational risk that follows the global framework for operational risk management. Fraud prevention and protection are first managed by operating entities as first line of defence (LOD1). Operating entities have to identify internal and external fraud risks within their scope, assess these risks and define and operate a control framework, consistently with Group guidelines, applicable regulations and their own risk environment.

The second line of defence (LOD2) on fraud risk is performed under the aegis of RISK. Chief Risk Officers are accountable for the oversight and supervision of fraud risk management activities under their perimeters. For CIB, the responsibility of this oversight and supervision is delegated to the RISK ORM CIB Technology and Transversal Risks teams who act as the second line of defence (LOD2) on fraud risk management along the organizational setup defined for operational risk management.

The second line is responsible for:

  •     Challenging the first line fraud risk management activities and the control framework developed in the entities in their perimeter
  •     Testing whether the risk mitigation framework operates as expected, and performs independent testing
  •     Defining the normative framework for fraud alert management and investigations
  •     Operating the fraud alert management and investigation framework for the part assigned to the second line of defence,
  •     Providing their Senior Management, their Board and local supervisors with an independent view on the fraud risk profile of their entity,
  •     Contributions on investigations related to Fraud events

Job Purpose

Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB) businesses are global and complex and RISK ORM CIB is in charge of evaluating and supervising the wider operational risks of all its business lines. When the source of an operational risk or incident or potential incident is or can be linked with malicious intent (from an insider or from external sources), this requires anti-fraud expertise.

 Designated Market Activities (DMA): these activities more generally cover the subset of CIB activities where BNP Paribas intervenes in the financial markets via trading and sales activities, namely Global Markets, Security Services and Asset and Liabilities Management and Treasury (ALM-Treasury).

 The role is for an Anti-Fraud (AF) DMA Risk Analyst who will be reporting to the Anti-Fraud DMA Lead and will be part of the wider RISK ORM CIB Technology and Transversal Risks (TTR) team. Working closely in coordination with RISK ORM CIB team in the Americas, the main stakeholder, which is directly supervised by the FRB. The AF DMA Risk Analyst will focus in particular on the following fraud risks:

        -        Rogue Trading (Trading activities is at the heart of CIB Market activities including GM, 2S and ALM-T and require strong prevention framework to avoid internal incident with potential major financial impact).

-        Conduct risks with a fraud nexus: Fraud risks and collusion are also embedded in Conduct risks covered by Market Integrity, Protecting the interests of Clients and Professional Ethics (MI,PIC,PE) controls.

Core accountabilities of role  

  • Act as 2nd line of defence in relation to the DMA anti-fraud framework developed across several business lines of CIB: Global Markets, 2S, ALM-T ; this notably entails the following : 
    • Contributing to the fraud RCSA Check and Challenge (C&C) campaign:
      • Methodology: Apply any methodological enhancements as agreed with the business / LOD1 ;
      • Overrides: review and challenge the overrides proposed by business/LOD1 ;
      • Quality/data: Contribute to the improvement of the data quality related to the inputs ;
    • Annual campaigns on Fraud independent Testing and LOD2 controls ;
      • Perform independent testing on key anti-fraud controls in the annual plan
    • Fraud incidents reviews (potential, historic) ;
    • Escalations from LOD1: get up to speed with the anti-fraud alerts escalation process and act promptly and diligently on any alert requiring LOD2 investigations.
  • Contribute towards meeting supervisory expectations: actively follow-up on action plans (e.g. FED, PRA, IG), relevant recommendations (fraud recos and PCA monitoring) and related business/IT projects;
  • Perform ad-hoc risk analysis in relation to Anti-Fraud risks; contribute to understanding the limitations and improving the Country/Region dimensions - in particular the UK ;
  • Contribute to essential team collaboration (Paris, New York, HK, Lisbon, Madrid) within RISK (ORM, MFI) and business lines / functions (CCCO, OPC, T&PC, FOCS) ;
  • ·       Opine from a fraud angle on the “change the bank activities” in EMEA such as TACs, NACs (new transactions and new activities) ;
  • Keep abreast of best practices in relation to Anti-fraud risk management through news and networking.

Knowledge, Skill and Experience 


·       Studies & experience relevant to financial markets : the role will suit a candidate with knowledge in financial markets related business activities and their risk management ;

·       Can demonstrate subject matter expertise on Anti-Fraud related topics ;

·       Good verbal and written communication skills (English language) are an absolute requirement, due to the need to foster strong relationships with a broad base of stakeholders across the Bank (beyond the market activities perimeter) and to present often at senior level of the bank ;

·       All-round IT competence, with specific data analysis skills such as being highly proficient in excel or Power BI and capable of liaising with technical resources ;

·       The position requires a strong analytical background across the main categories of risk and the ability to synthesize large amounts of diverse information at any one time;

·       A strong delivery focus is required as strict deadlines are to be respected and limited time is available to collect and analyse risk information ;

·       Languages: English (French is an advantage but not a prerequisite) ;


  •         Be a role model, supporting and fostering a culture of good conduct including respect for others.
  •         Demonstrate proactivity, transparency and accountability for identifying and managing conduct risks
  •         Considerate of the implications of  actions on colleagues, partners and clients before making decisions, and escalate issues to your manager when unsure.
  •         Listens and responds to feedback.  Gives feedback to others.

Equal Opportunities

BNP Paribas promotes equality of opportunity and is committed to ensuring that no individual is discriminated against on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.


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