Monitoring the day-to-day compliance and tax reporting obligations of the BNP Paribas Group in Australia and New Zealand, including the review of the calculation, reporting and payment of all taxation liabilities of the BNP Paribas Group in Australia and New Zealand to external statutory authorities.

Provision of taxation advice to all business lines and functions operating in Australia and New Zealand covering relevant State and Federal taxes including income tax, GST, FBT, international tax etc.

Provision of taxation advice to business lines and functions located across the world transacting in Australia and New Zealand independent of the Australian Branch. This predominately involves countries in the Asia Pacific Region and France / UK.

Managing relevant action (such as Risk Reviews, private ruling applications and Tax Audits) undertaken by the revenue authorities including the ATO, IRD and relevant State and Territory OSRs.

Monitoring the ongoing tax reform initiatives in Australian and New Zealand including implementation of new tax law.

The Group Taxation Department produces periodic tax information to external regulators, Paris Head Office and takes an active role in providing taxation support to the various business units.

To manage risk associated with the taxation obligations of BNP Paribas Group in Australia and New Zealand including tax compliance with legislative change and business operations.

Key Responsibilities

Own-account tax management

  • Contributes to the definition and respect of the Group’s tax compliance policy;
  • Interprets the provisions governing the different local taxes to which the entities of the Group – having or not a presence in Australia or New Zealand – are liable;
  • Contributes to identifying levers to monitor the tax burden;
  • Contributes to the determining of the taxable income of the Group entities in the geographical scope under his responsibility and to the review of their tax returns;
  • Prepares the files relating to these entities that are to be submitted to the Tax coordination Committee;
  • Contributes to reviewing the Group’s development projects concerning a target having a presence in the geographical scope under his responsibility;
  • Advises on, when applicable, the disclosure of certain transactions to tax authorities.

Transfer Pricing

  • Ensures the implementation of transfer pricing principles defined by Group Tax Department. However, decisions concerning an amount above the threshold stated in the specific Transfer Pricing Delegation Procedure are under the responsibility of GTD;
  • Specifies the local transfer pricing documentation requirements and verifies they are met by the Territories’ entities.

Follow-Up of Tax aspects of transactions with customers

  • Prepares the files concerning new products with significant tax content as well as new activities whose implementation is likely to raise tax issues, for further validation by GTD. For CIB, however, the Tax department in Australia validates new products or activities which are not booked in France;
  • Prepares the files concerning transactions with a significant tax content presented to the Transaction Approval Committees, for further validation by GTD. For CIB, however, the Tax Department in Australia validates non-strategic transactions which are not booked in France and whose tax risk is less than 10 million euros;
  • Prepares the files concerning operations when the tax mechanisms they require are particularly complex or when they might have a repercussion on the Group’s tax reputation and when no solution already validated by GTD can be applied, for further validation by GTD.

Meeting certain Group’s obligations relating to the customer’s tax situation

  • Contributes to the interpretation of local texts and their implementation;

Operational risk and permanent control

  • Adapts and implements the principles defined by GTD for permanent control and operational risk in the tax field;
  • Validates the tax aspects of the control plans which have to be set out by the other Functions and the Business Lines to ensure the correct implementation of the principles, guidelines and procedures issued by GTD;

Representation of the Group before the local authorities & local professional bodies

  • Ensure the follow up of the tax audits and of the litigation procedures in tax matters;
  • Defend the Group’s transfer pricing policy before local tax authorities, or contribute to this mission, in accordance with the perimeter and thresholds stated in the abovementioned Transfer Pricing Delegation Procedure;
  • Request tax rulings, after validation by GTD

Day-to-Day tax advisory and management 

  • Calculation and accounting for monthly tax remittances and preparation of relevant returns;
  • Preparation of the tax provisions for the relevant BNP Paribas Australian Group of entities on a quarterly, half yearly and annual basis including reporting the corresponding tax results;
  • Provision of FBT advice;
  • Preparation of income tax returns for relevant BNP Paribas Australian Group of entities;
  • Preparation of quarterly Business Activity Statements including calculation and reporting of the corresponding PAYG, FBT and TFN;
  • Preparation of the monthly GST returns for the Group including the corresponding lodgement of the returns;
  • Preparation and submit all Group reporting requirements; APAC Job Description Template at November 2014 
  • Review of all the above (or equivalent) for all New Zealand based entities;
  • Supervise the work outsourced to external tax auditors.

Technical & Behavioural Competencies required

  • Knowledge of the taxation of financial products (including inter alia any derivative products, repurchase and securities lending agreements related to any types of underlying).
  • Very strong knowledge across all areas of Australian tax (eg Income tax, International tax, Financial Services, GST, FBT, Consolidations, Transfer Pricing, State and Territory taxes, TOFA regime etc).
  • Strong knowledge of OECD tax principles especially in regards to permanent establishments and transfer pricing.
  • Knowledge of French international tax principles and law would be appreciated.
  • Strong knowledge across all areas of New Zealand tax (eg Income tax, International tax, Financial Services, GST, FBT, State taxes etc).

Experience and Qualifications required

  • Accounting qualifications (minimum tertiary degree)
  • Legal qualifications (minimum tertiary degree)
  • Post graduate qualifications in Taxation (Masters of Taxation)
  • Minimum of 10 years tax experience in both Chartered accounting/law firm (minimum senior manager level achieved) and commerce (Head of Taxation role), including at least 5 years experience within the banking industry.
  • Good knowledge of the taxation regimes across the Asia Pacific region predominately US, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.
  • Good knowledge of taxation regimes across the main centres in Europe especially France and the United Kingdom.
Primary Location
Job Type
Standard / Permanent
Education Level
Bachelor Degree or equivalent (>= 3 years)
Experience Level
At least 10 years

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