Bank Overview 
BNP Paribas is a leading bank in Europe with an international reach. It has a presence in 73 countries, with more  than 196,000 employees, including around 149,000 in Europe. The Group has key positions in its three main activities: Domestic Markets, International Financial Services (whose retail-banking networks and financial services are covered by Retail Banking & Services) and Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB), which serves two 
client franchises: corporate clients and institutional investors. BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking is a globally recognized leader offering capital markets, financing, treasury and advisory solutions. 

Business Area/Dept Overview 
Climate change and environmental concerns are of increasing importance for CIB clients (Corporate and Institutional) as well as for BNP Paribas’ stakeholders, partners, retail & professional clients. BNP Paribas is a recognized leader with an ambitious strategy on climate alignment and ESG in general, delivering a wide range of Sustainable Finance and ESG services & products to all its clients. In a context of strong acceleration on the Energy & Environmental Transitions, increasing demands from clients for ESG products & services and BNP Paribas’ reinforced commitments to fight Climate Change, Sustainability is now a transversal pillar of the Group 2025 Strategic Development Plan. To answer to this, CIB is currently reorganizing its Sustainable Finance setup in order to better accompany its clients on this journey and more, specifically within the CIB Company Engagement teams, with two major objectives: 
(i) reinforcing the industrialization of CIB setup in the most mature markets where BNP Paribas has a leadership position (SLL, SLB, Green Bonds, Green Loan), with a fully integrated risk approach and 
(ii) maintaining & developing our leadership on emerging sustainability topics as well client ESG advisory, thanks to innovative approaches and co-creation with our clients and partners. In this context, CIB Company Engagement Teams dedicated on Sustainability have to reinforce, industrialise and accelerate their support to internal clients (business lines and coverages) and external clients (Corporates & Institutional partners) of the bank on innovation solutions and business development when related to sustainable finance and associated solutions. 
Purpose & Scope of role 

The Sustainable Finance Solutions team will be part of the newly created CIB Sustainability Center, within CIB Engagement, regrouping three pre-existing teams (Sustainable Finance Markets, Projects & Partnerships and ESG Data). With several positions in Paris, London and Lisbon, the Sustainable Finance Solutions team will leverage on BNP Paribas Group’s network of sustainability experts (incl. Sustainable Debt Capital Markets, Group CSR, NEST, CIB Engagement, CIB CSR Analysis & Experts, the Low Carbon Transition Group) to serve the Bank Clients’ demand 
for ESG advises and sustainable solutions. 
The team’s mandate will be four-fold: 
 Develop and accelerate new or existing sustainable finance solutions (e.g. Bilateral/Club deals loans, Green Repos, SLL on non-mature sectors, social loans…) and develop a practice of ESG advisory for CIB clients (e.g. ESG Strategy, ESG Ratings (TBC), competitive insights…), supporting Coverage teams, for a strategic ESG client dialogue (product neutral) 
 Deliver Sustainable Finance transversal services & tools for internal clients (e.g. Materiality matrices, pitches, pre-structuring support) 
 Deliver sectorial ESG & SF intelligence for CIB Clients (internal & external), ensure market watch 
 Contribute to the BNP Paribas Green Bond program (under the supervision of the Head of Sustainability Center, Portugal) 
The Sustainable Finance Solutions Manager will be based in London and will report to the Head of Sustainable Finance Solutions, based in Paris. In addition, she/he will have an operating reporting line to the Head of the Sustainable Capital Markets in London.

Key Responsibilities of role 
The mandate of the Sustainable Finance Solutions Manager will be as follow: 
 Sustainable Finance Solutions: 
- The team will be in charge of transactions and solutions such as bilateral and club deals loans, where Coverage or business lines, other than Capital Markets, are primarily involved. Its mandate will then include Green Repos, BNP Paribas Green Bonds, and various other sustainable finance solutions. 

- Contribute to develop ESG Advisory: support Coverages and Business on strategic ESG dialogue with clients 
- Support Coverage and Business on client pitches to originate ESG Advisory & Sustainable Finance mandates 
- Support the structuring of tailor-made sustainable solutions (new concepts – e.g. Social Loans, specific business lines (Real Assets, Domestic Markets, IRB)) 
- Support CIB Clients to build their ESG Strategy and contribute to the development within BNP Paribas of an ESG Rating Advisory practices (reporting, materiality matrix, markets expectations, ESG ecosystem, education on Sustainable Finance, select ESG Rating providers, assist in the rating process) 
- Contribute to ESG M&A & investments advisory services for clients, jointly with Industry Group and Coverage when specific ESG expertise required 
- ESG Innovations (connect CIB clients with ESG innovative start-ups, co-invest in funds with and for CIB Clients – in partnership with Principal Investment, BDDF Dev, L’Atelier, WAI) 
 Sustainable Finance transversal Services & Tools for internal clients 
- Build and animate pitches on key ESG & Sustainable Finance trends affecting sectors in which CIB Clients operate 
- Develop tools supporting ESG strategic discussions (Materiality Matrices, KPIs sectorial views, new tools (e.g. SL-Scorecard)), industrialise the process to have them up to date on a regular basis, and opine on Sustainable Finance transactions if requested 
- Competitive insights – peers benchmarking (compare ESG ambitions & performance, SF precedents, ESG ratings) 
- Provide pre-structuring advisory & post-structuring support to ensure continuity of clients’ coverage on ESG / SF opportunities, S-cross-sell and replicability of structures 
 Sectorial ESG & SF Intelligence 
- Develop expertise on key ESG transversal themes (or relay a thematic expertise held at Group level or from other BNP Paribas entities like Exane, Asset Management, EIS…) to originate opportunities with CIB clients (e.g. biodiversity, social impact, circular economy, smart mobility) 
- Leverage on this sectorial expertise to provide market watch on CIB clients’ ESG innovations and on ESG innovations that could serve CIB clients to originate business opportunities for Coverages and Business Lines 
- Produce Sustainable Solutions Market Research (KPIs trends, Case Studies) 
- Leverage on BNP Paribas Group involvement in EU Sustainable Finance Platform, TNFD, (etc.) to deliver expert content to CIB clients on upcoming regulations’ impacts 
Given the role of the team, at the intersection of multiples teams and expertise, the Sustainable Finance Solutions Manager will need to both (i) ensure fluidity of communication and interactions as well (ii) show a strong willingness to collaborate in agile mode with the various stakeholders (in particular the Global Markets Sustainable Capital Markets team, Risk / EIS, Corporate Coverage, Industry Group, Real Asset teams, BCEF…) 

Experience, Qualifications & Competencies 
Business skills 
- Strong experience in Corporate and Institutional Banking – with experience in Coverage and / or Structuring and / or Sustainable Finance and / or CSR departments of private or public bodies 
- Sectorial and / or thematic expertise is a plus 
- Open minded and inclusive 
- Knowledge of the bank’s organization & CIB products 
Behavioral and Transversal skills 
- Strong (written & verbal) communication & pitching skills 
- Ability to collaborate and build bridges with several teams and regions 
- Ability to synthetize/ simplify and solve complex issues 
- Innovative mind 
- Ability to work autonomously and to take initiative 
- Strong Analytical Skills 
- Microsoft Excel 
- Microsoft Word 
- Microsoft PowerPoint 
Qualifications and experience
- Graduated from a top Business or Engineering school, 
- Strong professional experience in banking / investment / sustainable finance or CSR departments of private or public bodies 
- Fluency in English is compulsory, French or another European language is a plus

Primary Location
Job Type
Standard / Permanent
Education Level
Bachelor Degree or equivalent (>= 3 years)

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Travailler dans les métiers du financement et de l’investissement chez BNP Paribas c’est accompagner nos clients corporate – des start-up aux plus grandes entreprises – et institutionnels dans leur stratégie et pour tous leurs projets d’investissement et de financement, tant sur leur marché local qu’à l’international. 

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