Senior Machine Learning Engineer

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The Centre of Expertise on Analytics & AI has the objective of transforming data into value for the bank, create savings by improving our processes and to increase our customer satisfaction. We are looking for someone with a strong understanding of the challenges related to this field to join our team.

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The CoE in A&AI is looking for a Senior Machine Learning Engineer with a proven track record in the field of Data Analytics and/or IT Innovation. You should be specialized in the deployment and industrialisation of analytics models. In this role, you will:

  • deploy the analytics models on the A&AI infrastructure of the Bank (Internal Python Stack, Domino Data Labs, IBM Cloud,…) and collaborate intensively with the Data Hub Tribe or other IT Tribes.
  • coordinate with other tribes to ensure that updates to the A&AI infrastructure, both to the physical infrastructure and to software stack, are transparent to our users and that their impact is limited.
  • as Senior ML Engineer you will functionally lead teams of other MLEngineers and UX designers. You will manage a portfolio a different analytics projects, and will be responsible for handling both the change and run of these projects.
  • work with the data scientist to ensure that all code and its dependencies respect the secure development lifecycle (SDLC) rules of the bank.
  • as member of a team of Machine Learning Engineers, will be responsible to the effective packaging, deployment and monitoring of analytical models, through the use of continuous integration tools (CI/CD).
  • Communicate the fruits of your work directly to the stakeholder in other Tribes, Strategy Teams and CoEs in the agile impulse construct
  • address diversified business problems like credit card fraud detection, targeted marketing, trending news detection, email classification, money-laundering detection, price optimisation and more, all across different business lines such as Fraud, Retail, Private and Corporate Banking, Risk, Human Resources Management and  Operations.
  • evolve in an environment where innovation and lean processes are praised, straight-forward communication is encouraged, and peers understand the meaning of team up.
  • work with a team of data science and IT experts who are motivated, ready to collaborate, and to share their experience.

Highlight your strengths!

You take pride in the following knowledge and experience that you have already acquired, which are indispensable for this role. Requirements for this function:

  • You have at least a Master’s degree in engineering or science, such as mathematics, physics,  IT, or civil/commercial engineering. Candidates with other academic backgrounds with substantial knowledge of analytics and IT development are also encouraged to apply.
  • You have aspirations (or experience) in managing a small team of experts and support your team as people manager, project manager and career manager.
  • You have at least 10 years of relevant experience in Data Analytics or IT Software Development/Operation, ideally, but not necessarily, in the financial sector (less experience will be accepted if your academic credentials compensate for lack of professional experience).
  • You have fluent knowledge of English and a good level of French and/or Dutch.
  • You are proficient in the programming languages that are used in Data Analytics, such as Python, both in a single server setup as well as in a distributed setup (e.g. with Spark). You can also manage python kernels/libraries/repositories and are an experienced user of source management tools (GIT).
  • You master the tools involved in the integration process, such as Jenkins, Docker, Sonar, Nexus, etc. Familiarity with Log management tools and Kubernetes/Yarn is a plus.
  • Linux experience (sysadmin) is considered a (strong) plus.
  • Knowledge of web standards is a plus. A proven track record, such as past experience or achievements, is appreciated.

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In a changing world, diversity and inclusion are core values. At BNP Paribas Fortis, we want to attract and retain women and men of all ages, from all backgrounds, each with her or his own experience. We truly believe that diversity increases performance and creativity. All our offers for full-time positions are also available for 90% or 80% full-time equivalent.

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  • Excellent opportunities to develop, personally and professionally, and spread your wings.
  • A permanent contract and an attractive pay package.
  • A position in a responsible, socially engaged organisation where diversity and inclusion are the standard.

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Au-delà d’être un groupe financier, BNP Paribas est aussi une entreprise technologique. Les systèmes d’information, la data et les outils sont au cœur de notre ADN et offrent de nombreuses opportunités professionnelles !

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  • Se sentir bien dans son job, c’est avant tout venir travailler comme on est.  C’est aussi avoir les moyens d’un bon équilibre entre sa vie professionnelle et sa vie personnelle. Deux engagements majeurs pour BNP Paribas.

  • Chez BNP Paribas, le développement de vos compétences est essentiel, pour vous comme pour nous. Et cela vous servira pour toute votre vie professionnelle.

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