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IR Flow Senior Quantitative Analyst & Trader

Postuler REF: TRA001079

Job Description:

IR Flow Senior Quantitative Analyst:

The Global Market Quantitative team is responsible for designing and developing the models used for pricing, risk management and relative value. GM Quants contribute to the development and support of the pricing and risk management platform. With around 120 people globally, the quantitative research team is present in Europe, Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo,China) and the Americas.

‐ Development and implementation of models used for pricing and risk management, with focus on Linear Rates Products:

  • Implement pricing and risk management models that correctly capture the specificities of Asian markets (onshore/ offshore, discounting, curve marking)
  • Participate in the development of the global flow pricing and risk management platform and library
  • Participate in the global quantitative research in FIRST – IR Flow
  • Design innovative analytic approaches
  • Develop new derivatives related research tools
  • Develop local regulatory requirement working tools.

‐ Support trading desks with the pricing and hedging of vanilla and more complex Fixed Income products

‐ Liaise with relevant internal risk functions when necessary: Legal, Compliance, Market and Credit Risk Management

‐ Attend relevant training courses to maintain appropriate regulatory, product and technical skill

‐ Maintain open communication with team and direct line management to fulfil firm notification requirements and pass on client concerns

‐ Directly contribute to BNPP operational permanent control framework

- Support of the APAC FXLM.COMM platform in Shanghai

- Ensure the quality of data within the scope of responsibility

- Ensure to follow and comply with SAFE regulations on FX management at daily work, and comply with CBIRC and PBOC rules.

- Ensure to complete mandatory compliance e-learning courses as well as annual classroom AML training


Provide pricing capacity for internal/external clients; manage mkt risk properly.

Buy and sell a defined range of instruments ﴾as per desk mandate﴿ for our clients and take positions on behalf of the Bank within defined limits to facilitate client business.

 •    Provide market liquidity through market making in a defined range of instruments ﴾as per desk mandate﴿ and limits; put in place hedging if appropriate.

•    Monitor market news and events and evaluate the risk and opportunities for positions and strategy

•    Closely follow‐up the counterparty risk and any potential excess of credit line all market risks and any limit excess.


•    Ensure all pre‐trade requirements are conducted. ﴾credit lines check in particular﴿

•    Ensure that all transactions are timely and accurately booked in appropriate trade capture systems.

•    Ensure that all transactions are timely sent to middle office and/or back office.


•    Responsible for submission of public indexes as approved under the Index Acceptance Committee ﴾IAC﴿ with the condition that it is authorized in the mandates, as recorded in FORMA and in accordance with the relevant internal guidelines / requirements /procedures / key responsibilities and external / regulatory requirements / code Submitters and Reviewers as well as their respective back‐ups of the contributions are expected to comply strictly with the Group policy regarding their professional standards, as well as their duty to support the market integrity ﴾Group Code of Conduct principals﴿. They are to comply with all local requirements prescribed by the Authority on such contributions.

•    Any attempts to manipulate submissions are subject to the disciplinary procedures, sanctions according the Group policies

•    Bonds end of day bonds marking can be used for Iboxx contribution


•    Contribute to the daily P&L at the close of the day and facilitate its confirmation by Middle‐Office.

•    Prepare a P&L explain each day and escalate any unexplained elements to desk head for sign off.

•    Provide management with accurate information to analyze the P&L structure

•    Monitor the level of broker fees ensure their relevance vis a vis the current market practice and desk activity

•    Work closely with the procurement group and Middle Office to minimize broker and custodian fees



•    Work with operational support functions to facilitate and monitor the settlement process.

•    Respond swiftly to any issues escalated from MO and BO staff


•    Maintain fluid communication with other front office teams.

•    Keep all Business Partners in the loop of major organization change that may impact the soundness of operations.

•    Help Business Partners understand business priorities and requirements.

•    Contribute to the continuous improvement of process and systems.

•    Inform management of any major operational incidents, specific risks arising or P&L potential damage.

•    Attend relevant regulatory and product/skill training and keep up‐to‐date with market issues.

Job Requirement:

IR Flow Senior Quantitative Analyst:

  • Strong technical skills in quantitative analysis
  • Drive for Results ‐ Delivers high quality work and ensures decisions are implemented timely and efficiently
  • Risk Awareness ‐ Demonstrates a good awareness of risk and fundamental risk concepts
  • Corporate role model, integrity & ethics ‐ Acts with discipline and high ethical standards placing the interests of the Bank ahead of personal agenda
  • Team Player ‐ Works effectively in a team, Collaborating and sharing information and solutions with colleagues, with other teams and stakeholders
  •  Client Focus ‐ Sees stakeholders as well as external clients as customers
  • Market, Products & Business ‐ Is genuinely interested in financial markets and continually learning and staying abreast of new developments. Is able to evidence a good appreciation of economics and market dynamics, with enough understanding to present views on market conditions and trends
  • Business Risks ‐ Understands the market, credit, operational, compliance, legal and reputational risks of his/her activity. Evidenced as a good sense of risk/return analysis for business areas covered

Primary Location: CN-31-ShanghaiJob Type: Standard / PermanentJob: FINANCIAL AND TECHNICAL EXPERTISEEducation Level: Master Degree or equivalent (> 4 years)Experience Level: At least 7 years Reference: TRA001079