Job Title

Regulatory Reporting Production Manager

Job Level

 Head of a Team

Hierarchical report to

Head of Local Regulatory Reporting

Functional report to

Non applicable

Department / Area / Division

CIB Finance & Tax / Regulatory Reporting

Country and Location

Ireland, Dublin – Termini, Sandyford

Personnel in charge

Yes: 3 FTE

In a spirit of excellence, integrity, and innovation, our mission is to act as an effective strategic partner in delivering quick, reliable transparent financial performance information and analysis to our stakeholders, while still maintaining our mission of independent control. Thus, our DNA is made of three essential ingredients: 
•    Reliable and pertinent financial information based on adopting appropriate accounting policies and standards, utilising the Group’s management reporting principles and standards; 
•    Value added analyses with contributions from other key partners and; 
•    Finally, creating stakeholders affinity to answer to their needs and create space for pro-activity and anticipation of client future needs.

By principle, following BNP Paribas Finance responsibility charter , CIB Finance is responsible for 

-    Preparing accounting information and implement related regulatory reports
-    Preparing the information used to calculate solvency and liquidity ratios
-    Determine the ratios and implement related regulatory reports

Agreed the split of responsibilities between Finance and ITO (IT and Operations), all operational transactional level regulatory reports belong to the Operations Departments, except if the accountability of delivering those transactional reports has been accepted by the CFO, Globally, Regionally or Locally. In which case those are delegated to the Head of Local Regulatory Reporting and in turn to the Deputy Head of Local Regulatory Reporting.

Within said scope, The  Regulatory Reporting Production Manager is responsible for delivering all financial and statistical reporting packages required for submission to all regulatory bodies, locally and abroad, except for Tax Authorities on behalf of all legal vehicles in Ireland used by BNP Paribas CIB to conduct business activities, irrespective of the legal nature of those vehicles: entities, subsidiaries, branches, special purpose vehicles, joint ventures and all other legal vehicles.

The Regulatory Reporting Production Manager is:
-    Responsible (while the Head of Regulatory Reporting is accountable) for delivering high quality financial, accounting and extra-accounting information required by all Governmental Bodies (Tax authorities excluded) for all legal vehicles (entities, joint ventures, special purpose vehicles), within the scope of CIB Finance & Tax Function Management, ensuring that technical aspects are duly observed and compliant with regulatory framework (accuracy, completeness and integrity, data quality, reporting structures and deadlines).  
-    Key contributor in the implementation of changes, reengineering, and rollout of new systems and IT solutions, new products, business initiatives and processes, with an impact in regulatory reporting under the scope of CIB Finance & Tax. Consequently, Senior Management entrusts a delegation veto right to the Head of Local Regulatory Reporting, in coordination with the Regional Finance or ITO Teams in charge of deploying such IT solutions and process set-ups, and as such is responsible for performing user acceptance tests (UAT) and signing-off all systems changes.

The regulatory reporting area covers all reports issued to governmental bodies, excluding Tax Authorities, in the scope of CIB legal vehicles (list is not exhaustive):
1.    BNP Paribas Ireland Unlimited Company
2.    BNP Paribas Dublin Branch
3.    Utexam Logistics Ltd
4.    Utexam Solutions Ltd
5.    Varty Reinsurance
6.    BNP Paribas Securities Services – Dublin Branch
7.    BNP Paribas Fund Administration Services (Ireland) Limited (BPFASIL)

Objectives, Responsibilities and Functions:

Support the Head of Local Regulatory Reporting by supervising the production of reports to the Central Bank of Ireland, Central Statistics Office and all other Governmental bodies who are stakeholders of regulatory reporting information, on matters arising during and after the reporting periods on the designated reporting packages submitted under responsibility.
-    Manage testing and implementation of software applications supporting regulatory reporting.
-    Collaborate in the implementation and roll-out of IT reporting solutions in coordination with the Projects and Systems Teams in Finance Oxygen Platforms (Madrid, Lisbon and all other locations) and ITO.
-    Supervise the maintenance of logs on matters arising during the course of the monthly financial reporting process and undertake the implementation of their solutions in a timely manner. 
-    Participate in the performance and on-going enhancements to the daily financial accounting control environment 
-    Manage the preparation and reporting of various additional or ad-hoc reporting requirements to the Local Authorities in Ireland, Regional Finance, Head Office, other regulatory bodies, local management on all matters related to local regulatory reporting.
-    Ensure procedures and processes that improve the overall performance of the area are updated and implemented.
-    Contribute to communication forums with the Head of Local Regulatory Reporting, CFO and Executive Management (CEO and COO) to inform the compliance with regulatory reporting, identification of risks and opportunities to enhance the control environment surrounding the production of regulatory reports.
-    Actively participate and represent BNP Paribas in Industry Forums related to the core of his/her activity
-    Support the Head of Local Regulatory Reporting by participating in a Finance Regulatory Watch Committee with the objective to anticipate the deployment of new regulatory requirements impacting Finance.

Organization & Team: Ensure that the Local Regulatory Reporting Team is appropriately organized and staffed with the correct profiles according to the Business needs of the Bank and Entities under responsibility. Directly oversee the Staff Development, Training and Succession planning. 

Finance Projects & Systems: Within the scope of responsibilities, support the Head of Local Regulatory Reporting in rolling out of the New Systems, Change of Organizational setup, maintenance and enhancement of Finance systems, etc. in strict liaison with the Regional Finance Projects & Systems Team.

Prdures & Controlsoce: Ensure that the Area’s procedures and controls are up to date and current in accordance with BNP Paribas norms and standards.

Supports the Head of Local Regulatory Reporting in maintaining contact with external authorities and stakeholders
-    In charge of correct reporting to the local National or Central Bank, or other regulatory/government bodies
-    Maintains regulatory watch of matters of potential impact to local finance
-    All interactions with auditors, including follow up of recommendations, within the scope of its responsibilities.

Areas of responsibility:

    1.    Responsible for the banks Local Regulatory
-    Responsible for production of reports under the remit of Finance departments Regulatory Reporting
-    Reviews and controls with respect to their compliance with statutory/local regulatory reporting.
-    Provides analysis and commentary 
-    Anticipates the deployment of new regulations
2.    Supervision of Financial Ratios as requested by regulators, providing frequent reports to direct Management on the performance of such indicators.
3.    Finance & Tax Regulatory Watch Committee: Support the implementation and maintenance of the regulatory watch committee, covering all finance & Tax domains with the contribution of all team members, documenting the regulatory releases with impact in the Finance & Tax Department with potential effects in the entities under remit.
4.    Projects: Support and lead, under the guidance and instruction of the Head of Local Regulatory Reporting, projects of automation of current and future processes of the Area under responsibility. 
5.    Human Talent management: supervision of the Regulatory Reporting production and supervise the work of his/her team members motivating their work, ensuring effective delegation embracing and fostering in staff the sense of belonging and learning
6.    Business continuity plan (BCP): Participate in the business continuity tests and ensure, in coordination with the Head of Local Regulatory Reporting, that all processes under his/her responsibility are subject to BCP following BNP Paribas policies and procedures including all software applications within the remit of the Area.
7.    Performance: Contribute periodical information (minimum monthly) of performance, risk and control indicators of the area under responsibility (KPI, KRI and KCI), following the standard defined for the Finance & Tax Function

Internal and External Relationships:    

Internal Relationships: Functions as sourcing of financial information for regulatory reports, Finance & Tax Department, MFSC (accounting production, projects and systems), Business Solutions, Internal Auditors.

External Relationships: Regulators, External Auditors to the extent of his/her responsibilities. All of these under strict liaison with the Head of Local Regulatory Reporting.

Educational background and required skills:    

Academic Background & Required Experience

Educational background:
-    University degree in finance & accounting, economics or comparable background
-    Professional qualification ACCA or equivalent, beneficial
-    Minimum 5 years’ work experience in finance functions o/w minimum 3 years’ experience on regulatory reporting, in the financial sector covering all the activities developed by BNP Paribas in Ireland which are under the scope of CIB Finance.
-    Background in audit is a plus
-    Professional proficiency in English is mandatory.

Essential specific requirements
-    Compliance with the Central Bank regulatory requirements
-    In-depth knowledge and understanding of generally accepted accounting principles, IFRS, Irish GAAP, regulations and reporting specificities.
-    Strong Corporate Banking product knowledge, products, services and their profitability
-    Strong understanding of financial and operational risk control requirements to ensure that financial reporting systems in place are compliant and continuously monitored
-    Ability to learn new systems, agile reporting tools and products quickly

IT skills: capacity to use several of the following office tools in a proficient manner:  Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Access)

Skills and behaviours:

-    Excellent management and communication skills
-    Rigorous attention to detail
-    Solutions-oriented thinker who is able to generate creative ideas, to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines
-    Ability to work collaboratively with relevant teams; strong planning and organizational skills
-    Ability to work with remote locations
-    Rigorous and flexible mind-set
-    Strict compliance with deadlines
-    Ability to work under pressure and in a changing and moving environment

Required Skills and abilities:

Taking initiative


Project Management        




Team work




Initiative and proactivity




Creativity and innovation  


Decision Making




Service orientation


Results orientation




Numerical analysis


Assertive communication




Executive presentation




Attention to details


Control orientation




Synthetic thinking


Global view of the business


Human talent management


Risk management


Adaptation to change




Knowledge sharing


Ability to report


Client focus






Effective delegation


Working in project mode


Solution orientation


Ability to work remotely


    Introductory learning and iT requirements:




Software Applications



New joiners catalogue




Compliance Policies


Atlas 2


Finance procedure manuals




Finance systems architecture











Data Foundations









Shared drives



Toucan Toco



Microsoft NAV












MS Teams



BNP Paribas is an equal opportunities employer and proudly cultivates a diverse workforce. We believe that diversity of experience enhances our service offering to clients and leads to a better working environment. We encourage applications from the best candidates regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, parental and caring status, or religious belief.

Primary Location
Job Type
Standard / Permanent
Education Level
Bachelor Degree or equivalent (>= 3 years)
Experience Level
At least 5 years

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