- Checking that wordings in non-standard or pre-validated formats are acceptable for the Bank.


The CIB European Guarantees HUB covers the processing of guarantees for the following European countries: Austria, Germany, Netherland, Spain and UK. (The split of tasks between MO and BO will vary depending on every country specificities and requirements)


•Checking that wordings in non-standard or pre-validated formats are acceptable for the Bank.
•Requiring changes to be made, either to clients or other branches/correspondents, contacting directly with branches overseas or correspondents and liaising with MO / GTS for obtaining the agreement of clients.
•When necessary request validation from Local Legal in each country or TED (Trade Expertise Desk) in Brussels.


•Good understanding of Guarantees products
•Mastering of general legislation and specific rules governing guarantees (URDG 758, UCP 600, ISP 98…)
•Systems and processes: TDR, Good working knowledge of Word/Excel.


•  Analytical skills: identifying and presenting key information. Giving a structuring opinion and synthesizing all the elements pertaining to the matter in hand.
•  Ability to learn. Continuously seeking out and mobilizing the resources needed to enhance self-development and to learn.
•  Integrity. Acting ethically, in compliance with what is said and respecting the company’s values and rules.
•  Ability to communicate clearly – written and oral
•  Organizational skills. Setting priorities, planning actions and methodically progress by coordinating activities and resources in the best possible way.
•  Risk management. Detecting, analysing and measuring risks, understanding their consequences in a long term perspective and acting to reduce them.
•  Being autonomous in fulfilling one’s role and being confident in one’s proficiencies.
•  Taking responsibilities. Being involved in one’s scope of action.
•  Self control.
•  Sharing knowledge.
•  Team work. Co-operative and proactive attitude
•  Ability to report. Keeping hierarchy informed about current activities and their progress in an effective way. Drawing attention towards useful information, risks and sensitive points.
•  A practical approach to problem analysis

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