Description of the assignment

Within CIB, Corporate Coverage EMEA is responsible for advising corporate clients and delivering an array of the firm's services across strategically targeted client groups in various business sectors.
In this context, the ECG Associate supports Managing Directors (MDs) and Directors (Ds) in the management of relationships with large companies, with the aim of helping develop the global relationship.

Main activities

The ECG Associate plays a fundamental role within the Corporate Coverage business model by assuming a key role on 3 dimensions: a strong commercial focus, credit expertise and KYC.

On commercial side, the ECG Associate supports the Bankers in the preparation follow up of the Strategic Business Review, and contributes to the development of the client relationship and profitability. With the support of a MD or D, he/she may manage his/her own small cap clients’ portfolio. He/she is also in charge of the Multinational Corporations (MNCs) coordination abroad. 

Regarding the credit analysis, the ECG Associate is responsible for monitoring the overall risks and credit process of a portfolio of Pilot Groups. He/she contributes to the Green light process and to the structuring of plain vanilla products / loan book transactions. 

KYC activity is focused on the more added-value tasks by supporting Bankers in steering the KYC Strategy for their client portfolio. 

He/She will operate with an increasing degree of autonomy / self-sufficiency and he/she ensures commercial and technical aspects of the transaction are challenged and optimized.

As Corporate Coverage Clients portfolio including some of the most BNP Paribas’ largest, most international corporate clients, the ECG Associate is also able to build and maintain strong internal networks (sector, product and other geographies).

By covering a large range of topics, the ECG Associate will develop high valued skills on these three dimensions, working closely with Senior Bankers and acting, as such, as a true partner of the MDs and Ds.


The ECG Associate will assume the following duties:

  • Business Groups Strategy / follow-up of business opportunities:
    • prepare the Strategic Business review and sends it to participants 
    • attend the Strategic Business review and writes the minutes
    • responsible for the preparation of budget / forecasts in liaison with the contributors
    • contribute to the identification of the client needs, new business ideas, deals, revenues and discusses with the Banker
  • Business Groups contributors’ network: 
    • create and updates contact list of local contributors
    • identifie relevant client in the portfolio & spots opportunities across geographies
    • prepare and updates stakeholders on the Commercial Strategy with the Group 
    • display minutes of the Reviews, gathers feedbacks 
    • schedule the network call & prepares the agenda, feeds CRM
    • prepare and leads flow & Non CIB Products + geographic Business review
    • lead the network call on key accounts: review relationship, share client news, internal information (MSCQ…), Business development axis, best common practices, problem solving (compliance/risk…)
  • Origination/Sales: 
    • map BG international presence (Org Chart) & local activities
    • create and maintains a list of prospects and new clients
    • gather information from client / prospects 
    • prepare client meetings (extract fiche client…), defines topics to be addressed, participates and where appropriate, leads the meeting
    • contribute to client events, calls & meetings, sales/deal related client/prospect interactions 
    • develop and leads client dialogue,  presentation/pitches processes from start to finish
    • coordinate pitch document and the rehearsal in interaction with the banker 
    • prepare forecasts based on client business plan and measures impacts of major opportunities on clients financials (when no other Métier involved)
    • monitor the pipeline and spots client / prospects business opportunities in regards to each products and alerts/discusses with the Banker / team thanks to his/her good sector and product knowledge (aims to build functional knowledge across all products of the bank)
    • lead single flow banking Métier meetings/calls
    • encouraged to build junior relationships with the client and may manage own smaller cap clients, but with the support of a MD or Director (within or outside Coverage) for more strategic conversations at C-suite level
    • work closely with product colleagues to ensure efficient execution of transactions
  • Complex Client Request:
    • perform a due diligence based on technical documents : RFP, Financial Information in liaison with Banker & BL 
    • gather relevant document (incl. Preliminary financial information) and sends question list 
    • support the Banker in the RFP analysis and deal structuring with the support of the Senior Credit Advisor
    • analyse RFP and contacts directly the client on RFP for clarification if needed 
    • negociate NDA with the client
    • prepare screening committee
    • attend the screening discussion on deal with Management, Delegation holder and Business Line


Under the accountability of the Banker(s), and in coordination with the ECA platform, the ECG Associate, using credit expertize, will be in charge of the following tasks:

  • Monitoring of the overall risks of a portfolio of Pilot Groups  (Credit/Counterparty, Compliance and CSR) with the Senior Credit Advisor support: 
    • responsible for watching & anticipating risks/events at Group level
    • responsible for alerting the Banker in case of change(s) and issue(s)
    • responsible for regularly updating stakeholders (including ECA) via a one Pager
    • contribute to the TGA discussion (AR process)
    • contribute to the management of Resources allocated to their client portfolio, i.e. RWA, CDS, Insurance, …
  • Green light process:
    • responsible for validating the criteria for denotching/propagation
    • informed of any issue on a Business Group contributor by the ECA or the ECH
    • responsible for the monitoring of the efficient use of lines (GL responses)
  • Credit process of Pilot files:
    • conduct a sanity check of the Credit Proposal prepared by the ECA
    • responsible for the analysis & drafting of the Client Relationship and the deal/risk return part of the Credit Proposal
    • write a recommendation on the file/deal (or an executive summary in case of CCDG file)
    • attends Credit Committee together with the Banker
    • may present in agreement with the Banker, depending on the nature of the file / committee
    • responsible for organizing a kick off meeting with the Banker and the ECA (+SCA when needed) for Annual Reviews and relevant New Requests
  • Structuring - for plain vanilla products / loan book:
    • contribute to the discussion on terms and conditions with the client
    • liaise with Legal on Terms and Conditions
    • negotiate with Legal on Terms and Conditions
  • Contracting plain vanilla products / loan book (and, in option, for structured loan with the Business line when requested):
    • Contribute to the final negotiation:
      • seek internal approvals (i) from Risk or CC if changes vs credit decision (ii) from compliance if any change in term of sanctions/AML (iii) from other departments such as Assets and Liquidity Management and Treasury or Legal if certain policy requirements have not been met in the contracts
    • responsible for the credit process of amendment to initial credit decision, ECA preparing the Credit Paper
    • support the Banker in the definition of terms and conditions (incl. ISDA) and drafts the term sheet 
    • review the draft in liaison with Legal & the Banker (Basket or similar e.g LC or SBLC…etc…)
    • liaise with Tax to assess any Tax related issue (e.g. accreditif)
    • coordinate the review of Sanction wording 
  • Deal implementation & life cycle:
    • responsible for deal implementation and follow up of its life cycle in coordination with product partners / contributor RM/RO, Middle office…
    • responsible for the follow up of the Covenants
  • Others:  
    • prepare the watch list form, the GRR spreadsheet and the CSR screening
    • attend watch List/Doubtful committee jointly with the Banker


  • The ECG Associate will take the completion of several added-value tasks within the KYC process: 
    • assist bankers in steering the KYC Strategy for their client portfolio for both onboarding (raise onboarding request, share priorities with other actors), recertification (conduct profitability review) and trigger event, in consistency with the Credit Process whenever relevant.
    • ensure a comprehensive identification of clients’ business needs and the related KYC flag set-up between Primary and Secondary sites in line with Passport and Reliance procedures.  
    • maintain a close contact with KYC Coordinators / E2E Coordinators / BG Coordinator (whomever relevant) for clients under their responsibility
    • inform clients of BNPP KYC process and connects them to the proper KYC Operations SPOC. 
    • By delegation of banker, can prepare call memos, analyze screening hits and complete RMs assessment for any KYC file and can contribute, in limited cases, to the collection of clients’ sensitive documents.
    • ensure Compliance with Bank’s policies and regulatory requirements.
    • ensure KYC is in place and up to date for all clients. When necessary, start the KYC process and bring his/her support on certain points.


  • interact with other advisors (lawyers, co-advisors, etc) as appropriate
  • Analysts and Associates coaching
  • use the own experience to improve the most junior colleagues (analysts, associates) skills 
  • Conduct
    • ensure that the business carried out with clients is appropriate, understandable and suitable.
    • act in a product-neutral manner in the best interest of the clients and of the BNP Paribas Group globally.
    • respect the BNP Paribas Code of Conduct in all listed key responsibilities.
  • CSR
    • ensure consistent and comprehensive enforcement of BNP Paribas CSR policies and procedures 

Searched profile

  • Education / Experience:
    • Degree in Finance and/or Economics and/or Accounting with a strong knowledge of financial analysis under several standards (IFRS, local)
    • At least, 3 years’ experience in Banking for Associate
  • Skills and Competencies:
    • Good knowledge of the Corporate banking environment and a solid understanding of the transaction process from end-to-end
    • Have a good understanding of the internal mechanisms of BNPP  (or to be able to quickly master it) to deliver the bank to the client
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Detail oriented with a solid knowledge of financial analysis 
    • Team spirit
    • Business minded with an acute sense of risk
    • Ability to build his/her own opinion on a file and to convince
    • Self-starter with good initiative
    • Flexible and eager to improve his/her own performance
    • Advanced English. Swiss German and French is a plus
    • Experience in Lifesciences and Tech sector is a plus
    • Pack MS Office

BNP Paribas is committed to providing a work environment that fosters diversity, inclusion, and equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, gender, age, creed, sex, religion, national origin, disability (physical or mental), marital status, citizenship, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, or any other legally protected status.
We are moreover convinced that Equity and Diversity definitively foster creativity and efficiency which in turn increase performance and productivity. We strive to reflect the society we live in, while keeping with the image of our clients.
We pride ourselves in preventing from any kind of discrimination and need our employees to handle this responsibility as their own duty.

Primary Location
Job Type
Standard / Permanent
Education Level
Master Degree or equivalent (> 4 years)
Experience Level
At least 3 years
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