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BNP Paribas is one of the euro zone’s leading banks, with nearly 200 000 employees in 74 countries with key positions in its three main activities: Retail Banking, Investment & Protection Services, International Financial Services and Corporate & Institutional Banking.

RISK function

The mission of the RISK function

  • To advise the Bank on risk appetite definition
  • To contribute as an objective “second pair of eyes” that risks taken on by the Bank align with its policies
  • To report and alert Bank Management of the status of risks to which the Bank is exposed
  • To contribute to the development and growth of the risk culture within the Group

Within the RISK function, RISK Artificial Intelligence Research is an AI expert team in charge of developing Artificial Intelligence solutions for RISK Streams and beyond. This involves in particular assisting internal customers with the definition of their projects, understanding both available data and existing pain points. Then the team proceeds to develop algorithms and deploy them in systems /applications (interface + back end) to give access to the solution built to designated internal users.

In addition to the development of use cases, RISK AIR also plays a central role within the BNP Paribas AI community and provides technical expertise on artificial intelligence topic such as robustness, auditability, monitoring, bias and explainability.

If you are passionate and want to work in a dynamic, multicultural and multidisciplinary environment, you should definitely consider RISK AIR.

Key Responsibilities

You will define the relevant technical approach in order to solve large-scale practical problems relating to the use of machine learning, deep learning, NLP.

You will leverage the latest academic developments and contribute to the development and evaluation of these solutions (methodologies and algorithms).

You will work the diversity and scale of data that only a large, international and diversified banking group can offer.

You will develop best practices in artificial intelligence that promote the appropriation of current data science technologies, particularly on topics such as explicability and bias measurement.

You will evolve within a start-up mode within a dedicated, data-driven environment.

Beyond projects, Data Scientists are expected to share their expertise at multiple levels: within the team though technical sharing sessions and beyond as well during our regular open discussion sessions on AI.



  • Expertise: data science modelling + strong computer skills to be an effective data scientist, particularly in terms of languages (Python mainly), and knowledge of the standard librairies (NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras), data visualisation technology (PowerBi, Table) and database (relational, NosQL).
  • Education:

    Bachelor or Master Degree in AI, Data Science or Statistics or related field.
  • Experience:

    at least 2-year experience as data scientist in an agile, innovation-oriented team.
    In particular, experience translating customer needs into data science solutions, experience developing models to address customer needs, experience deploying model into production and providing support and explanations to end-users.
  • Languages: Fluent in English. Spanish and/or French a plus
  • Personal profile:
    • Strong analytical / problem solving skills.
    • Capacity to work in project mode.
    • Rigorous and curious.
    • Resourceful.
    • Client-oriented.
Primary Location
Job Type
Standard / Permanent
Experience Level
At least 2 years

Découvrez les métiers de BNP Paribas : IT, Tech et Data

Au-delà d’être un groupe financier, BNP Paribas est aussi une entreprise technologique. Les systèmes d’information, la data et les outils sont au cœur de notre ADN et offrent de nombreuses opportunités professionnelles !

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  • Et si on vous disait que travailler dans notre Groupe, ce n’est pas ce que vous croyez ? Chez BNP Paribas, on exerce une multitude de métiers qui évoluent en permanence pour être en phase avec les attentes des clientes et clients comme de la société.

  • Se sentir bien dans son job, c’est avant tout venir travailler comme on est.  C’est aussi avoir les moyens d’un bon équilibre entre sa vie professionnelle et sa vie personnelle. Deux engagements majeurs pour BNP Paribas.

  • Chez BNP Paribas, le développement de vos compétences est essentiel, pour vous comme pour nous. Et cela vous servira pour toute votre vie professionnelle.

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