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BNP PARIBAS Cardif - Cardif Local Compliance Officer (LCO)

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BNP Paribas Cardif
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The Local Compliance Officer provides reasonable assurance to the CEO and Board of the Cardif  entity and to the Cardif Regional Compliance Officer, through opinions, supervision and level 2 independent controls,  that the Compliance and permanent control set-ups function efficiently and consistently.

LCO is responsible for leading and organizing the Compliance function within the Cardif entity, under the hierarchical supervision of the Board (and the Regional Compliance Officer).

He/she is responsible for assessing a consolidated view of the entity’s Compliance risks and reporting it to the entity’ s Board and Top Management and to the Regional Compliance Officer.

He/She is the Compliance preferred point of contact for the entity’s CEO and the members of its Exco and Board.

Within his/her perimeter, he/she sets the tone at the top to develop a strong Compliance culture in line with the following principles

●     Independence

●     Expertise

●     Accountability: Compliance is everyone's duty

●     Dialogue: Compliance as a Business partner

Main activities

The Local Compliance Officer

●     Provides reasonable assurance that the Compliance set-up within the entity is complete, 

o   ensures consistent transposition and deployment of the set-up of policies and methodologies provided by Cardif Head Office,

o   ensures the performance of Compliance permanent control and follows up the concrete action plans,

o   provides support and guidance to the Business teams,

o   makes Compliance decisions and/or delivers advice on the issues reported by local and centrals teams according to approved decision and escalation processes,

o   prevents and manages conflicts of interest situations,

o   ensures training and awareness of the Business teams.

●     Represents the Compliance Function for Cardif with regulatory and supervisory bodies and organizes the regulatory watch on his/her perimeter

●     Represents the Compliance Function in Cardif local Committees as member or permanent invitee 

●     Reports aggregated and individual Compliance risks, specific issues and mitigation plans to the entity’s Management and Board and to the Regional Compliance Officer and keep in the loop or escalate to HO Compliance of major risks or issues.

●     Implement the organization and governance of Compliance within the Cardif entity as required by Cardif group (insurance group regulation) and taking into account the local specificities and regulations.

●     Leads and supports Compliance teams within the Cardif Group:

o   decides on priorities for his/her N-1(if any)

o   organizes and facilitates Cardif Local Compliance committees

o   decides on recruitments and performance appraisal of his/her N-1, in collaboration with functional reports and Human Resources

o   monitors the training roadmap of his/her teams

o   prepares and monitors local Compliance budgets

o   follows effective implementation of IT tools in his/her scope of responsibilities

●     Drives the change required within the Compliance Function, in interaction with the Business

Key interactions

●     Regional Compliance Officer and Domain Experts and other HO compliance teams

●     Entity’s CEO and management

●     Entity’s Board of Directors and Supervisory Board as well as all other corporate bodies

●     Regulatory and supervisory Insurance authorities

Education, experience and technical skills

●     Extensive knowledge of applicable Italian regulatory framework and its evolutions

●     Knowledge of Compliance issues and challenges specific to his/her environment (Business Lines, Countries, Regions), as well as procedures

●     Knowledge of Insurance and its distribution modes (products, clients, processes, …)

●     Degree in Law, Economics or Finance (at least 5 years studies)

●     At least 10 years of work experience required, including at least an experience of 5 years within Compliance, especially in protection of clients.

Soft skills

●     Ethics

●     Reliable

●     Positive management

●     Client focus

●     Decision-making

●     Perspective and impact

Language skills

Italian. The position requires fluent English (spoken and written).

Contract type and Remuneration

The offer will be a full time permanent contract and the relative remuneration will be consistent with the National Insurance Contract.

Who we are

At BNP Paribas Cardif, we insure people and what matters to them. In 40 years, we have won the trust of tens of millions of customers around the world by defending an innovative approach, partnership. Historically, we have always worked closely with many professionals, mixing their field of experience and expertise with that of our teams. That’s what enables us to do our job the best way possible in the 36 countries where we operate.

This announcement is addressed to any gender (D.Lgs. 198/2006, Codice Pari Opportunità)


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