Business Overview

Financial Institutions Coverage comprises 240 bankers globally, its “client centric, product agnostic” approach to origination means starting with client need and ambition. Working with product marketers and structurers, FIC bankers originate transactions that are typically in addition to daily flow or help facilitate new areas of flow execution. Our responsibility is to continuously follow and understand clients. This benefits our origination success. It also helps our awareness of clients’ changing risk profiles so critically informing our risk decisions. FIC’s success is measured in part by the growth of client revenues reflecting additional types and breadth of transactions.

The opportunity to join FIC is a direct consequence of FIC actively sponsoring Mobility that has seen a need for an Analyst/Associate open. As a relatively small team with extended responsibilities, joining FIC allows a rapid immersion into transactions, administration and planning. You will have demonstrable organisational skills, clear numeracy/literacy skills, an eager understanding of capital markets and corporate finance. In return, we offer lots of client exposure, allocate a breadth of responsibilities and plenty of opportunity to learn and do well.

Position Purpose

Assisting and supporting FIC bankers in their efforts to promote all of the bank’s product lines, both domestically and globally, a full range of investment banking services, complex bespoke solutions, specialist strategic advice and a comprehensive range of standard commercial bank products.


Working with FIC bankers, you are responsible for all aspects of supporting and coordinating the transactions lifecycle including:

  • Client relationship responsibility:
    • Develop the required skills to establish and maintain where already established, a confident, profitable and reciprocal relationship with chosen client set at all relevant management levels. The clients to be covered under supervision will be selected by the manager.
    • Assist in the development of relationships and origination of mandates.
    • Keeping the bankers appraised of the status of relevant projects.
  • Responsibility for specific input on various aspects of a transaction where:
    • The deadlines are driven by external counterparties (e.g. client),
    • The transaction is of strategic importance to the client and one that will be important to winning related ancillary business.
  • Working with the bankers and product lines when appropriate:
    • To analyse / assess client financial dynamics and current market trends.
    • Being able to model impacts/scenarios and advise bankers and / or product lines of implications. 
    • Working closely with internal Product lines and support desks in order to maintain a reciprocal flow of information and ideas as well as establishing opportunity for continuous swift execution.
  • Background/pitch preparation/senior executive briefing notes:
    • Provide impact analysis for product specific marketing opportunities.
  • Knowledge of regulatory and rating agency environment towards sector:
    • This would include understanding of changes that would affect a client group's capital calculations, requirements and trading directions.
    • Be part of a deal team providing sector, regulatory, ratings and client specific input in support of client strategy and marketing.
  • Responsible for monitoring industry developments that might result in a change of client dynamics:
    • To build detailed understanding of Investment Banking products relevant to Financial Institutions.
    • Be alert for opportunities to apply product specific solutions to other part of the client base. 
    • Identify issues and opportunities that clients may face from implementation of regulatory and other changes and directives.
  • Assisting with on boarding / setting up clients:
    • Interaction and support on relevant “know your client”, due diligence and other compliance requirements co-ordinating with legal and client to negotiate agreements (ISDA/CSA etc.).
    • Coordinating with credit and negotiate trading lines.
    • Following up until completion.

Technical & Behavioural Competencies

  • Knowledge of financial analysis techniques.
  • Strong Excel and Powerpoint skills.
  • Capacity to write reports, analyses, summarise, argue and take position.
  • Team player & cross-cultural awareness - Works effectively in a team.  Collaborates and shares information and solutions with colleagues, with other teams and stakeholders. Creates an environment that stimulates open dialogue and values differences of opinion.
  • Conduct – demonstrates the highest levels of integrity and conduct.

Specific Qualifications

  • 1 to 3 year experience in the financial industry.
  • Good working knowledge of the banking environment.
  • Good / Strong product knowledge offered by an investment bank.
Primary Location
Job Type
Standard / Permanent
Education Level
Not indicated
Experience Level
At least 1 year

Découvrez les métiers de BNP Paribas : IT, Tech et Data

Au-delà d’être un groupe financier, BNP Paribas est aussi une entreprise technologique. Les systèmes d’information, la data et les outils sont au cœur de notre ADN et offrent de nombreuses opportunités professionnelles !

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Pourquoi je candidaterais ?

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Parce que je souhaite...

  • Et si on vous disait que travailler dans notre Groupe, ce n’est pas ce que vous croyez ? Chez BNP Paribas, on exerce une multitude de métiers qui évoluent en permanence pour être en phase avec les attentes des clientes et clients comme de la société.

  • Se sentir bien dans son job, c’est avant tout venir travailler comme on est.  C’est aussi avoir les moyens d’un bon équilibre entre sa vie professionnelle et sa vie personnelle. Deux engagements majeurs pour BNP Paribas.

  • Chez BNP Paribas, le développement de vos compétences est essentiel, pour vous comme pour nous. Et cela vous servira pour toute votre vie professionnelle.

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