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Sales Support Wholesale - BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions

Type de contrat

Standard / Permanent



Métier / fonction




Objective of the job

  • Manage the pre-sales, after-sales and debt collection transactions linked to a portfolio of customers within the deadlines set.
  • Ensure the payouts to the Partners, the collection and matching of the means of payment received from the customers.
  • Provide support, advice and training to his/her portfolio of partners.
  • Support the Sales Team (e.g.: Key Account Managers) as a WSF expert in the acquisition of new partners and steering committees of existing partners.
  • Liaise with the Sales Team in Retail to ensure the best possible WSF – Retail link.
  • Hierarchical reporting in Belgium
  • Functional Reporting to the WSF Department in Cologne

Deliverables (deliverables and key activities)

  1. Manage the pre-sales, after-sales and debt collection transactions linked to a portfolio of customers within the deadlines set

    Ensure the administrative and cash matching (allocation of unmatched cash) of the Partners and customers deals that are entrusted to him/her, taking into account their specificities, in compliance with the norms and procedures as well as the priorities of the department.
    Proceed to the preliminary checking of the legal documents and of the validity of the
    remittances of receivables of the Partners.
    Carry out the inventory, the control, the checking and the validation of the contractual
    documentation required for the implementation of a customer deal.
    Ensure the monitoring of the arrears through dunning (phone calls and written reminders) and debt collection
    Exercise a constant vigilance on the risk through his/her contacts with the customers and by the assessment of the arrears and requests for payment extensions (interface with the Wholesale Risk Analysis team).
    Collect information, give and transmit his/her opinion on the feasibility of the payment
    extensions. Forward / explain requests to the Underwriting team for decision.
    Monitor the regularisation transactions (payment extensions, change in sales terms,
    notification and resolution of disputes …).
    Active communication with the Underwriting team to keep the team informed about the
    current topics in the portfolio (arrears, unusual requests…)
    Analyze and exploit the stock checks.
    Check and dispatch the invoices produced for the dealers (interest fees)
  2. Ensure the payouts to the Partners, the collection and matching of the means of payment received from the customers .
    Prepare the payouts to our Partners and forward the documents to Cologne
    Process the the List of unmatched cash. Liaise with the dealers if necessary to better allocate the payments received. Allocate the means of payment received
    Prepare the Refund of excess payments to the customers and forward the documents to
    Ensure the follow‐up of the daily bookkeeping linked to the payment‐in and payout
  3. Provide support to the Partners who have been entrusted to him/her and provide them with regular feedback on his/her interventions.
    Provide phone assistance to each new customer and Partner, explain the programs and GNAs, train them on our Extranet Tool (Copilote), our documents and our management procedures. If necessary, visit the dealers.
    Contribute to loyalty-building with the Partners and to the sales development of the
    Wholesale activity by maintaining quality relationships with the customers and Partners
    (including Personal Finance within the servicing framework) via regular feedback
    Prepare together with the Sales Team (e.g.: Key Account Manager) meetings with active
    Manufacturers. Active participation in the meeting to inform the Manufacturers about the
    activity and take necessary decisions (steering).
    Define together with the Sales Team (e.g.: Key Account Manager) the strategy and
    presentations to win new Manufacturers. Participate to the relevant meetings with the
    Gather Financial Information from the dealers / Manufacturers for the Underwriting Team for the yearly reviews or any ad hoc credit decision. If necessary translate some of the documents for the Underwriting to better understand them.

    Prepare reporting / working Lists for the Sales Team (retail) in order for the Sales Field Officers to discuss WSF Topics when visiting dealers.

Required level and content of former education:
Bachelor/Master degree
Business experience required:
Min. 3-5 years of experience in a supporting function (sales environment)
Dutch: very good knowledge
French: very good knowledge
English: very good knowledge
German: good knowledge
Strong computer skills
Good knowledge of MS Office

Skills and expertise:

Technical skills and expertise:
  • Good knowledge of the specificities of the short term activity, products and contracts, and of the processes of each of the Partners (internal training will be provided)
  • Basic knowledge of accounting
  • Good knowledge of the Wholesale management tools linked to this activity (internal training will be provided)
  • Good relationship Management

Behavioural and interpersonal skills:

  • Organizational sensitivity
  • Accuracy
  • Communication skills and teamwork
  • Ability to report
  • Analytical skills
  • Adaptability
  • Client focus