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Relationship Manager

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The objectives of the RM are categorized as follows:


1.    Client Relationship Management

2.    Compliance with Internal Control, Regulatory and Compliance procedures

3.  Change Management Support

1.    Client Relationship Management


a)      To initiate and service individual portfolio of private clients.

b)      To expand client base of high net-worth individuals.

c)      To meet bank’s target on Assets under Management.

d)      To meet bank’s target on Revenue with good balance of risk.

e)      To meet bank’s target in terms of product placement, new accounts and loan growth.

f)       To ensure proper maintenance of clients information and files as per the guidelines issued by the Bank.

g)      To comply with Bank’s requirement from documentation viewpoint.

h)      To monitor client’s loan and margin positions.

i)        To achieve zero late files for credit files.

j)        To meet the Bank’s “KYC” rules and Compliance’s guidelines / requirements, including zero overdue KYC.



2.    Compliance with Internal Control, Regulatory and Compliance procedures


a)    Ensure awareness of internal procedures and risk management guidelines.

b)    Comply with regulatory licensing requirements (e.g.: CPT hours). Most importantly, to observe FAA and SFA requirements in the discharge of duty as RM and as an employee of the Bank.

c)    Comply with all other regulatory requirements and internal guidelines (as applicable).

d)    Contribute to the reporting of all incidents according to the Incident Management System.

e)    Ensure that internal controls are complied with within deadlines, including:

1) Suitability Controls

2) Account reviews

3) Client document irregularities

4) AML

5) Transaction Monitoring


3.    Change Management Support


a)    Provide feedback to Management, Business Managers and Influence Support Functions to continuously ensure their processes are adequate to meet FO needs.

b)    Ensure awareness of any changes impacting FO related processes (systems, support functions procedures, regulatory changes, organization changes and projects…).

c)  Contribute to continuous improvements in Bank procedures and organization.

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