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Network Relationship Manager

Type de contrat

Standard / Permanent



Métier / fonction




Position Purpose


The Network Relationship Manager is first of all a Market Specialist. The Network Relationship Manager has an in-depth understanding of the market infrastructure (CSD, Stock Exchange, Central Bank, etc…), regulations (investment and currency restrictions, tax rules, etc…) and constraints of the markets covered.

The Network Relationship Manager has a sharp knowledge and understanding of the services and pricing offered by our own local custodians and is aware of the services and pricing offered by our custodians' competitors.


The Network Relationship Manager is a Creator of Value by:

  • Raising the know-how internally through education, dissemination of market knowledge and problem-solving support.
  • Identifying opportunities for new services and products generated by market changes and market inefficiencies or generated by custodian new product developments.
  • Optimizing the services offered by a custodian through its knowledge and awareness of market infrastructure and regulations.
  • Selecting and recommending the custodian that will not only offer us the lower pricing but also, and probably above other consideration, provide us with the quality of services and support that will the best to occasionally fill the gap of our own internal constraints.
  • Monitoring the quality of service of the custodians by a regular assessment of their offer.


The Network Relationship Manager is a Costs Saver by:

  • Assisting operations in designing and fine-tuning our internal processes to the market constraints, increasing therefore our efficiency and reducing our operational risks and losses.
  • Optimizing our IT developments by being able to distinguish between developments required to match market constraints and regulations (These developments are essential and should be conducted in due time) and developments identified to bridge our custodian internal weaknesses (These developments must be avoided and it is the role of the Network Relationship Manager to ensure that the custodian respects both industry and market standards).









Key Responsibilities


The Network Relationship Manager is in charge of:


1) The selection of new custodians – Market expansion planning

2) The collection, analysis and communication of market information

3) The monitoring and due diligence of the custodians, both in terms of risk and service quality assessment

4) The negotiation of claims arising from errors or negligence by the custodian

5) The regular re-negotiation of pricing

6) To ensure the smoothest assets migration in case of agent changes by establishing and monitoring a migration plan

7) The set-up and regular review of legal and service agreements with custodians


The Network Relationship Manager will contribute through above tasks to mitigate the operational, legal and regulatory risk.


Competencies (Technical / Behavioural)

Network Relationship Manager’s profile:


The Network Relationship Manager is expected to:

  • Be autonomous
  • Be pro-active
  • Be rigorous
  • Be well-organised and know how to prioritise tasks
  • Know, understand & follow market rules and internal procedures
  • Know client specificities and understand client needs and expectations
  • Communicate efficiently in a professional manner
  • Work as a team
  • Be clear about what can be done only under special conditions and with appropriate Authorization