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Head of Legal BPSS, Australia & New Zealand

Type de contrat

Full Time


NZ - Sydney

Métier / fonction

Securities Services




The Head of Legal Affairs Aus+NZ covers all legal activities for BNP Paribas Securities Services in Australia and New Zealand. This role requires maturity, operational and commercial judgement and experience with demonstrated relationship management ability and excellent interpersonal skills. The incumbent is expected to communicate effectively to influence and affect change in behaviour and process and have the strength to maintain their independence of views in all circumstances. The Head of Legal Affairs needs to demonstrate applied knowledge of principles and practices of commercial law in the custody, clearing and fund administration areas, strength in broad financial services operations and related relevant product knowledge. The incumbent is expected to have proven and effective analytical skills always seeking accuracy and quality in results. 


Objective : Deliver Results – Doing business with the right documentation  

Putting in place the right documentation for each commercial opportunity (which may include agreements with clients or providers including IT vendors)  

·     Understanding of the core existing documentation – including motivation for why the contractual position exists

·     Thorough analysis of every transaction

·     Tight wording that achieves the commercial outcome

·     Ensuring contracts are only entered into using the appropriate BNP Paribas entity

·     Ensuring if non-standard terms are agreed to, that the appropriate business sign-off is achieved and the legal and business risks of the non-standard terms were accurately and adequately contemplated in considering the approval


Objective : Legal Counsel for the business  

Providing astute and insightful advice to the relevant business stakeholders  

  • Reviewing and providing evaluation as to our liability or counterparties liability for critical good value claims when arising
  • Understands the business issues and works with stakeholders to produce viable and tangible solutions  

Objective : Company Secretary  

Acting as Company Secretary of the BNP Paribas Securities Services Australian and New Zealand entities  

  • Clear and precise operation of the relevant corporate entities to demonstrate appropriate governance and control  

Objective : Deliver Results – Custodial control of assets  

Ensuring the standard business practices are in place to allow BNP Paribas to exhibit custodial control of assets in line with Relevant Law and market practices.  

  • Reviewing and amending as required legal documents which, pursuant to Proper Instructions from existing custody clients, are submitted to BNP Paribas for signing as custodian  

Objective : Ownership of the Legal Management Framework  

The Head of Legal Affairs is charged with the overall design, maintenance and application of the appropriate Legal Management Framework.  

  • Actively participating to the definition and implementation of new product and services in order to design and drafting standard Agreements which ensure that the Agreements are consistent, clearly define responsibilities and limit our liabilities to an acceptable and understood level of risk to the business
  • Supporting and protecting the business with the establishment and maintenance of a key set of standard disclaimers
  • Designing, reviewing and drafting BNP Paribas agreements between different business lines required for cross-selling opportunities
  • Partnering with the business to improve legal documentation processes in general
  • Ensuring the baseline documentation is always aligned to Relevant Law and our licenses in all jurisdictions
  • Improving the framework to take into consideration cross location and/or cross product learning
  • Maintains legal records in good order
  • Maintenance of the Powers of Attorney and Delegations  

Objective : Internal stakeholder engagement, training and equipping  

Helping the relevant stakeholders (esp. Executive leadership, Sales, Relationship Management, Product) with training and equipping to understand the legal framework and its rationale.  

  • Train relevant business stakeholders on changes to the legal framework (what, why and how it will work for our clients)
  • Providing on-going support to the business teams in order to proactively anticipate potential issues and identify future requirements  

Objective : Proficient external engagement  

Engages externally with clients, prospects, consultants, vendors, other partners, media and the wider industry in a way that is compelling and promotes BNP Paribas' agenda.  

  • Compelling and confident with clients, prospects and external stakeholders
  • Capable of leading negotiation with high value strategic clients
  • Engaging and managing the relationship with external legal advisors when required  

Objective : Staff Leadership

Builds a high performance team environment where the whole team is motivated, achieves goals and is able to ensure high standards of client service and delivery.

  • Understands the strengths and development areas of the team as individuals and aligns opportunities to achieve the best mutual outcome
  • Engages with their direct reports at an individual level, understanding each person's history, current objectives and future aspirations
  • Works with staff to provide appropriate opportunities (including outside BP2S if required) to further their career
  • Coaches the team on achieving their career goals
  • Completes the requisite HR formal activity accurately, fairly, comprehensively and on-time
  • Good judge of people who when hiring attracts high calibre talent for the organization  

Objective : Executive Leadership

Provides strong and visible on-the-ground leadership whilst working in a professional fashion with other areas of the business.

  • Chairs and leads by example in governance forums
  • Participates effectively in the wider BP2S governance
  • Clear, accurate and timely communication with the relevant stakeholders (local team, BP2S local and global executives), including completion of required management reporting
  • Liaison with the Territory Legal Counsels and the BNP Paribas global legal teams at the European Offices
  • Shows exceptional business judgement
  • Resolves tension, conflict and issues with professionalism
  • Is flexible to the changing needs of clients and other internal teams
  • Collaborates and actively helps other teams in meeting objectives
  • Resilient under pressure
  • Ensure governance on conduct is fully operational: properly documented decisions on conduct, in line with relevant requirements and standards of the local regulatory system, compliant with the defined escalation process, with a proper articulation for the delegation of responsibilities and their monitoring. 


Experience and Qualifications required

  • Degree qualified in Law
  • Relevant practical experience to demonstrate the personal ability to deliver on the objectives outlined above.
  • Relevant leadership experience in wholesale financial services, preferably at a custodian, fund administrator, fund manager or asset owner.
  • Relevant leadership experience of being in a senior role for a local office of a global firm.
  • Staff management experience of running a group at least two levels deep (i.e. your own direct reports who then have staff reporting to them)
  • Highly proficient at using MS-Word in an effective fashion for managing complex documents with multiple versions and the need to track-changes 

Experience and Qualifications desired

  • Specific knowledge of custody, fund accounting, fund tax and fund compliance.
  • Relevant staff management experience of a team of experts
  • Post graduate qualifications in law

 Required Leadership Competencies

·         Acting as an exemplary and inspirational role model: demonstrates the courage to do what is right; models and inspires high levels of integrity; acts with others' best interest in mind

·         Making decisions: integrates multiples sources of information, arriving at optimal solutions; makes decisions in the face of ambiguity, ensuring progress on activities; assumes responsibility for own decisions

·         Managing priorities: identifies priority activities, clearly communicates these to team; sets clear, realistic timeframes for achieving goals; reassesses priorities as needed, balancing urgency and importance

·         Delegating: conveys clear expectations; provides appropriate level of guidance and direction based on individual needs; holds people accountable for achieving goals

·         Promoting continuous improvement: approaches problems with curiosity and open-mindedness; promotes new ways of looking at processes; identifies opportunities to increase efficiency and simplicity

·         Developing people: provides honest, helpful feedback on performance; shares own experience and expertise; provides strong support and encouragement, especially when people are learning or facing mobility

·         Demonstrating learning agility, self-awareness: seeks feedback to enhance performance; possesses insight into own strengths, development needs; deals constructively with mistakes

·         Business Expertise – The demonstrated ability to understand all business functions within the organisation and makes knowledgeable and profitable business decisions.

·         Vision – Influences others to translate vision into action; takes a long term view and builds vision with others. You identify and focus attention on critical goals and results including new business opportunities for BNP Paribas, the vision for the future is growth.

·         Resilience – Effectively deals with pressure, recovers quickly from set back and remains optimistic and persistent under adversity. Design solutions to current problems in ways that address future needs or long term goals that creates a BNP Paribas culture that will focus on results not activity.  


Advertised: 04 Oct 2016 AUS Eastern Daylight Time
Applications close: 25 Oct 2016 AUS Eastern Daylight Time